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Billie Jean Austin: Texas Showgirl

Notes SCORE magazine editor Dave: "Billie Jean Austin's been a medical assistant. She's been a stripper. And now she's a porn star. Billie Jean says she likes the kind of man who owns the room when he walks in. With her huge, SCORE-sized tits and spectacular body, Billie Jean is the kind of woman who owns the room when she walks in."

SCORELAND: Do you have any funny habits?

Billie Jean Austin: I'm really kind of a clutz!

SCORELAND: Have your boobs ever fallen out of your top?

Billie Jean Austin: Mother Nature decided one day to show everyone my boobs. I was at an outside mall shopping walking around and a strong gust of wind came along and ripped open the buttoned-up shirt I was wearing. It was tits out for all to see.

SCORELAND: Do you shave or get your pussy waxed?

Billie Jean Austin: I shave this pussy. She has to be silky and pretty at all times.

SCORELAND: When you go nighty-night, what positions in bed do you get into?

Billie Jean Austin: On my side or back, topless or in the nude.

Billie Jean Austin: Texas Showgirl

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