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Funbag Fuckers

"I'm so tiny, they can pick me up and move me wherever they want," said Danielle Derek, a busty little sex bunny if there ever was one. "Guys are very rough with me because they're able to toss me around in bed. They can maneuver me. Guys like to palm my ass. That's their big thing because they can get my whole ass in one hand!"

In this scene from the SCORE Classic movie Funbag Fuckers, Danielle is hotter than a Tijuana taco truck. Like Claudia KeAloha, Danielle has a very dirty mouth and doesn't hold back with Mikey Butders, a guy who is in awe over her tiny and stacked body, her big tits and her raw, nasty, porny sexuality. He stuffed Danielle's beautiful pussy and pillaged her tight little asshole.

"A lot of guys pick me up, and they think they can throw me around the bed, which is good. It adds to the excitement. It's better than getting stuck in the same position. Guys get really creative. Every second they're like, 'Let's try this position,' or 'Let's try that.'"

It was a very sad day when Danielle decided to quit the porn scene. Her close friend and SCORE Girl Alexia Moore also dropped out. Periodic attempts to invite Danielle back to SCORE have failed. Crying and begging did not work. But we'll always have these go-to scenes.

Funbag Fuckers

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