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Big Boob Diner

Big Boob Diner

Ever had a waitress who looked like Liza Biggs? If you did, you are in the minority. And if you did, you should have told her about SCORELAND. No one would be able to concentrate on their food with Liza bending over you to drop off your plate.

SCORELAND: So if we saw you at the mall, how would you be dressed?

Liza: I'd be showing a lot of cleavage. I like my boobs, and I enjoy my body.

SCORELAND: You enjoy your boobs? How do you enjoy them?

Liza: Just everything about them and with anything I wear. I really like how they look in T-shirts. I even have cleavage when I'm wearing a T-shirt.

SCORELAND: So even when you're wearing a T-shirt...

Liza: I still have the cleavage. They're just that freaking big.

SCORELAND: So you're a triple-J. How old were you when you were a D-cup?

Liza: Hmm. I think I was a D-cup when I was 14 and a DD when I was 15.

SCORELAND: When did you break the J barrier?

Liza: When I was about 25.

SCORELAND: So are your boobs still growing?

Liza: Yeah, they are.

SCORELAND: So you're breaking the myth that women's boobs stop growing at 25.

Liza: Yes, I am. And they're not going to get any smaller. Ever.

SCORELAND: Do you think they're going to get any bigger?

Liza: Oh, yeah, there's no doubt they're going to get bigger. Much bigger!

SCORELAND: Have you ever been walking around and had a bra break on you?

Liza: Oh yeah. I had one that had kind of a connecting piece, kind of like a balconette bra, and that connecting piece broke. So, instead of pushing my boobs up, it was kind of pushing them down. It was a little weird.

Big Boob Diner

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Big Boob Diner

Big Boob Diner

Every time a TSG editor or art director goes out for lunch, he hopes he will get a waitress built like Liza Biggs in this scene. Sadly, this never happens. But a man can dream big, or BIGGS in this case.

SCORELAND: Have you ever been an exotic dancer?

Liza: I've been to strip clubs before but not to dance.

SCORELAND: What happens when you go to strip clubs?

Liza: I usually get a lot of attention from the strippers. They usually want to come over and play with my boobs.

SCORELAND: They should tip you.

Liza: They should! They play with them, bounce them, lick them.

SCORELAND: And you've never gotten the urge to go on-stage?

Liza: No, I've never been on-stage. It's just never been my thing.

SCORELAND: So had you ever had sex on-camera?

Liza: Nope. Never. Not before shooting with you guys.

SCORELAND: Ever posted nude pictures on the internet?

Liza: No. Well, not on the internet.

SCORELAND: Not on the internet? So where do you put them?

Liza: Well, everyone sends pics of themselves now and then. Either to friends or people you're interested in.

SCORELAND: Why isn't it okay for guys to send dick pics, but girls can send tit pics?

Liza: Because dicks aren't cute. Tits are very pretty. That's really the only difference.

SCORELAND: But you like dicks, right?

Liza: I mean, I like them. But I don't need to see them. I know what they look like.

SCORELAND: So tits are pretty and it's okay to send tit pics.

Liza: Yes, all the time.

SCORELAND: So the difference between a guy sending a dick pic, and a girl sending a tit pic is...

Liza: The creep factor. The creep factor jumps 20 levels when you send a dick pic. But the creep factor drops when you send tits. Everyone is like, "Well, if you're comfortable, I'm comfortable."

SCORELAND: And when a guy sends a dick pic to a girl, she shows it to her friends and they make fun of it.

Liza: Yep. We send it to all of our friends and we laugh at you.

SCORELAND: And when a girl sends tit pics to a guy, they show it to their friends and they all jack off.

Liza: Exactly.

Big Boob Diner

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Nancy's Breast Growth Spurt

Nancy Navarro from New York used to have 30G-cup boobs. Then she busted out to a J-cup, close to three cup sizes bigger. Holiday wishes can come true if you dream big. Stay boob-thirsty, friends.

Nancy takes a lot of photos of her boobs and explained why. "Because I want to see what other people see. If I look in a mirror, I can't tell, so I take a picture and maybe zoom in, zoom out, look at them from another angle, but I just don't get it. To me, they're normal. They're part of me, so every part of me is normal."

Nancy's Breast Growth Spurt

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Nancy's Breast Growth Spurt

Nancy Navarro had a killer body when she originally posed at SCORELAND. She knows she has a killer body but she's one of those girls who doesn't like to flaunt it in public, especially in New York City.

When she rides the subway to work, Nancy said she "tries not to sit down because if I'm sitting down, you get to see the cleavage. That's the best view, I imagine. So I'll be sitting down and I can feel them watching and I'm like, 'Well, enjoy, I guess.'"

But when she's at the SCORE Studio, she's a different girl.

When Nancy sent in some new homemade selfies of herself because she wanted to model some more, shock set in as the staff stared at them in amazement. Nancy looked the same, but her breasts had grown...substantially. Close to three cup sizes by our estimate. No time was wasted booking her jet ticket. Now her body is even more killer.

"My interest in modeling started with me wanting to get it out of my system," Nancy said. "I wanted to see if my boobs were really all that. It would be a one-time thing. It would depend on how much the guys like me."

Nancy's Breast Growth Spurt

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A Girl Named Catt

Catt Green's dress is discarded and she creams up her luscious titties, rubbing in the white goo until they shine. Later on, Miss Green says hello to her little friend who seems to be shaped like a cock.

"I masturbate quite a bit," Catt revealed. "I love cumming and like to do it after sex. It's better in the dark so I can concentrate.

"I saw a stack of magazines at my friend's house and I thought that modeling looked like fun," said Catt. "It's just inspiring seeing girls with tits as big as mine. And I wanted to be with them."

Catt says she doesn't wear panties that often.

"I'm Queen Commando," Catt said.

A Girl Named Catt

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In School, I Had Bigger Boobs Than Any Teacher

Our question for Marie Leone is: "What have been your top two sexual experiences?"

"Number one was when me and my then-boyfriend spent our first Valentine's Day by going to an adult book store. It turned out to have a gloryhole and, well, let me just say that I got a mouthful!

"My number two was at a swingers' club. I had never been with a female before that night, but that didn't stop me and my fiancé from going down on this very sexy and hot redheaded cougar lady that everyone called Robbin. Robbin, thanks for popping my cherry and for singing us a tune with your wonderful screams."

What's the funniest pick-up line a guy ever tried on Marie?

"Actually, no guy has ever tried a pick-up line on me. They just stare at my boobs."

In School, I Had Bigger Boobs Than Any Teacher

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