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Sex Toys & Anal

Sex Toys & Anal

Voluptuous exotic Destiny Rose sucks on her nipples, plays with her pussy and sticks a butt plug into her sweet ass. The camera swoops in close to not miss any details. She's got one honey of a body.

Destiny says she likes chubby guys. Chunky, hefty dudes. This topic has been touched on before. "I am not exactly a skinny girl, myself," Destiny explained. "And I want to be with a man who I can ride and be all over and I won't hurt him. I like it when a man has a big belly. I like to rub it and call him Buddha. I think it's hot. That is why I like them bigger, so that I don't hurt them, because I like to be wild!" These lucky dudes must be very happy.

Sex Toys & Anal

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An English Doll

An English Doll

To use a British slang word, Mandy Pearl is a hottie who's a prime piece of "totty," a word based on the Romany word "taati," meaning a girl who's warm.

It's much too warm on this bridge for Mandy to be so covered up and concealed by a heavy top. That top's got to be dropped and fast so we can once again feast our eyeballs on her luscious F-cup tits and sexy bod. That is the toll that must be paid on this bridge.

"Such a beautiful day," says Mandy. Nothing's as beautiful as a busty babe like Mandy. And once again, we owe a SCORE reader, a friend of this busty doll, for recommending us.

An English Doll

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Creamy Asian Tits

Super-famous in her native land, cherubic Miss P-Chan from Japan had a plan to be part of the Voluptuous Girl clan.

Attractive Asian girls with huge boobs have always been difficult for us to score, and even more rare are huge-boobed naturals from Asia. An ice cream cone is on P-Chan's menu. Ice cream always tastes better when self-sucked off of huge tits.

P-Chan likes to travel. She's been all over Japan, visited China, Thailand and Indonesia. Had P-Chan been able to visit SCORE in Miami, we'd have laid out the red carpet for her and stocked up on more ice cream cones for her big tits.

Creamy Asian Tits

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Spread Formation

"When I am out, I always have a bra on because they need support. Because I don't have anyone to hold them up for me." We would have assumed Desiree has plenty of volunteers for that. Including refs, coaches and assistant coaches.

In school, Desiree did track and field for six years. She may be the bustiest football player ever seen in the game. She really knows how to handle a ball. Desiree is many cup sizes over those lingerie football girls, and when we say cup, we don't mean athletic supporter, although Desiree is a great supporter of the New York Yankees and the New York Giants.

We would never put Desiree on the sidelines. We would bench her, but not that kind of benching. Putting her over a bench and blitzing her is the goal.

Desiree almost became a cop in New York City. She changed her mind on that career move. But she still busts guys, in a good way.

Spread Formation

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Give Thanks for Juliana

"Boys started looking at my big boobs when I was 15 years old," said Juliana Simms. "My boobs were the biggest at school. When I was young, I tried to cover them. But now, I love my big breasts."

A lot of girls love their breasts and dress to impress. But they will never show them in all their glory on-camera. Juliana, a florist, had this interest.

"I am a little shy," Juliana said. "But I like to wear clothing that shows my big boobs. It is flattering when men tell me I'm beautiful. When men approach me, I am usually quiet. If you keep talking to me, I become more relaxed and outgoing."

Give Thanks for Juliana

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Fucked by an Angel

During much of the action in this scene, Barbara Angel stares and smiles directly into the camera lens with a very lustful, lascivious look in her eyes. The photographer loved this. It signaled that Barbara was thinking about the guys who would be watching this video. This adds a lot of heat. Except for the opening, Miss Angel hardly looks at Richy. Barbara's passionate and randy and eager to own his dick like it's her new toy. She really works it over. An everyday girl with an everyday office job, having sex for our cameras is a change from her everyday life. Sex with or without a camera recording them is a hobby for Czech girls, more than girls of any another nationality, or so it seems.

SCORELAND: Who's in charge in the bedroom, you or your partner?

Barbara: I prefer when it's my partner in control.

SCORELAND: Have you ever given a blowjob in a moving car?

Barbara: Yes, but only once.

SCORELAND: Have you ever gone out with a guy who didn't like tits?

Barbara: Yes, but luckily I've got a nice ass!

SCORELAND: How do you like your breasts touched?

Barbara: I like light, soft touches, like a butterfly brushing against them.

SCORELAND: How important is sex in your life?

Barbara: Quite a lot. I am very horny. And I think sometimes you can measure a good relationship by how good the sex is.

Fucked by an Angel

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