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Let's Get Physical

A woman whose pictures have decorated the bathroom or garage walls of many male employees at SCORE, Roxi Red is visiting the doctor today. These days, everyone claims to be a doctor, notably a breast specialist. Roxi tells him that she's here because it seems that her already huge boobs keep growing. The doc agrees and tells Roxi that her breasts have definitely gotten bigger since her last check-up. He seems to know this immediately without even seeing her bare tits. It's obvious he's a SCORE and Voluptuous reader or a SCORELAND member.

The doc does need to see Roxi in all of her glory and tells her he needs to "take them out" so he pulls the top of her dress down and gets hands-on. Everyone take a deep breath and try not to hyperventilate.

The doctor begins his hands-on exam, a procedure that is not exactly in-line with proper guidelines but that's the idea anyway. These unorthodox procedures include burying his face in her hooters, holding each boob and shaking it, sucking the nipples and placing the patient on her tummy with her tits hanging over the exam table while the doctor lays on the floor and sucks them as they're dangling. That last one is highly recommended. We consider it alternative therapy.

Roxi gets on her back so he can feel and suck her tits some more. Her hand strays to his package. This is how Roxi checks the state of a man's health. He drops trousers, putting his career, and his cock, on the line but he's a dedicated professional and Roxi needs immediate treatment so rules be damned. She takes his beef thermometer in her hand, glances at the camera, does that eyebrow raise, and then turns her full attention to taking his oral temperature. Is this any way to run a medical clinic? It is when Roxi Red visits SCORELAND.

Let's Get Physical

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Young & Stacked

A big hit over at XLGirls.com, Allie Pearson has made two appearances on SCOREtv Season 2. In episode 3, Allie talked about what life is like for the boyfriend of a very busty girl, and in episode 4, Allie showed how many items she can stuff between her huge boobs. Male cashiers must love her at the ten-items-or-less checkout line.

"I've always wanted to try modeling," said Allie who's never been professionally photographed. "It never came up. It wasn't an option for me. I'm very happy to be here."

Allie's only here because a SCORE Group fan saw her and recommended she contact us. Sometimes the most random events lead to good results and happy endings. Allie went over to BeASCOREModel.com and decided to give it a shot. Before long, the ever-smiling buxom brunette beauty was flying into Miami and in the studio baring her bodaciously big boobs and pink pussy.

Young & Stacked

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High Sugar Sex

Sadie Blooms, a huge-boobed beauty who contacted SCOREModelsWanted.com, wanted to cross hot modeling and hot sex off her to-do list.

"It was because of my boob-loving friend. He loves you and urged me to connect with you," said 38G-cupper Sadie, explaining why she decided to show and do all. We salute men of this caliber.

Dressed in a skimpy bra, panties and heels, Sadie greets Juan with a cleavage-full of whipped cream decorated by a strawberry. It's a high-calorie treat and Sadie is the dessert.

After licking that up, Sadie sprays whipped cream on his cock, he sprays some on her pussy, and they lick up the creamy richness. Sadie is the main course, of course, and enjoys Juan's tube-steak action and his personal whipped cream. Her big tits bounce and shake with each stroke. Sadie is one hot babe from the city of brotherly love.

High Sugar Sex

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Boozy Big-Boobed Butthole Bang

Decked out in her sexy bra and panties, Marie Leone has two glasses of bubbly and she's waiting to share with Tarzan. He shows up with flowers and it's time to celebrate with hot sex. Marie pours some of the wine on her supernaturally big tits and Tarzan licks it up. She pours some on his dick and it's her turn to stick out her tongue. Marie offers her cleavage and lips for his cock and takes good care of him. Spreading her pink tulip and ass, Marie is now ready for a boozy big-boobed pussy and butthole bang.

SCORE: You mentioned that you are married now. How is married life compared to single life?

Marie: My husband and I just celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday. Married life is treating us just fine. We still attend swingers clubs and watch porn with each other. Basically the only thing that's changed is that now we have a paper that legally binds us together.

SCORE: What kind of questions do your fans ask you online? What do they want to see you do most of all?

Marie: A lot of fans ask me why I got into porn or if my husband and I will be doing more scenes in the future.

SCORE: You did a threesome with Rocky and Tony. Tell us about that.

Marie: I enjoyed both of them sexually and it was really fun when they both came on me.

SCORE: Where do you like guys to cum most of all?

Marie: I honestly like it best when guys cum on my breasts.

SCORE: How important is cock size to you? What size cock do you like?

Marie: Cock size is not really important to me. I like any size cock that I can get off. It's about making the dick cum.

SCORE: What is your favorite position for tit-fucking and why?

Marie: I like it when a guy is on top fucking my tits because it makes it easier for him to either cum on my face or tits. Or if he is not ready to cum he can easily just move back a little and fuck my pussy instead.

Thank you, Marie!

Boozy Big-Boobed Butthole Bang

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Big Boobs & Sexy Feet

Veronika waits for Max, a guy who's going to paint her toenails. She adjusts her big tits in her low-cut blouse because there's going to be a lot more than nail polishing going on in a few seconds. Max is about to be converted from a foot man to a tit man and Veronika has the assets to make it happen. Max is going to be converted but in exchange, he gets to play with Veronika's head-crushing jugs of joy.

The toenail polishing comes to an abrupt end when Veronika takes his hands and puts them on her heavy hooters. Ever the aggressor, Veronika needs some cock action, not her toes painted. Popping her treasures out of her top, Veronika tells him to suck and lick 'em.

Veronika takes Max's boner out and sticks it in her mouth, licking it like a popsicle and dripping spit on it. The next stop for his dick is between Veronika's breasts. She holds them together to create a tit-pussy for him. Veronika takes off her eyeglasses and turns around, supporting her arms on the back of the couch. Max pulls her panties to the side and shoves his dick into her waiting pussy-hole from behind. Getting her totally naked on her back, he spreads her legs and plows into her again, her tits shaking and wobbling. Max is now a tit man.

Big Boobs & Sexy Feet

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Oily Boob Massage Sex

Barbara Angel has a back ache. "Maybe it's because of my breasts," curvy Barbara explains to George, the masseur she's visiting. George understands completely. He can help this big-boobed brunette. And while he's helping, Barbara can straighten him right out. Because that's one of her favorite activities.

George asks Barbara to take off her clothes. Barbara gives the camera a look that says, "Watch what I do to this guy." And then another look when she's down to her white bra and panties. While George is arranging the massage table, Barbara keeps looking at the camera with a big smile on her pretty face.

George starts off routinely enough by oiling Barbara's back and rubbing her down, then pulls off her panties and rubs her well-padded ass. And then he starts fingering Barbara's pink pussy. This is not in the massage training manual. He must know the masseur that Anastasia Lux went to.

It doesn't take much prodding before George licks Barbara, she licks him and they start fucking fast and hard on and around the massage table. Barbara gets on top and grinds hard as George rams his cock up her. They both scream loudly as they approach blast-off time. George explodes inside Barbara and when she dismounts, Barbara licks up the cum that's leaked out of her pussy. She stares again at the camera, and, playing with his exhausted cock, says, "It was a nice massage." What a woman!

SCORE: Do you think your sex drive and sexual interests have changed since you became a model?

Barbara: No, it's still great. It has not changed me.

SCORE: What mistakes do men make in bed?

Barbara: They do not pay enough attention to the reactions of women. If she says that what you are doing is very nice, continue to do it. Guys, if a girl sighs a lot, she likes it and you should continue what you are doing. So listen to the sounds she makes.

SCORE: What's your favorite way to satisfy a guy in bed?

Barbara: Oral...start slowly...then I put his penis between my breasts and masturbate it. Finally, really fuck.

Oily Boob Massage Sex

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