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MILF of the Month

"A good licking brings me to heaven all the time," says passionate and kinky super-MILF Michaela O'Brilliant, a German dirty gal with mega-boobs. "I have many fetishes. Bondage, S&M, being a slave. Just bizarre in all ways. I like a guy to treat me like a slave. A bunch of guys at the same time too."

Michaela could be a master-class sex instructor and the proof is in this anal reaming scene with Georgio, who does give her a good licking. Michaela reciprocates with a sloppy and messy blow job, swallowing every inch and taking a big facial after she's been fucked in her pussy and butt.

Michaela enjoys being watched when she fucks. She once went to a sex theater with her boyfriend and they banged during the movie. That attracted all the doggers. "Several guys watched and they forgot about the movie to watch us. I loved to see their eyes when I was sucking his cock. I would stick my tongue out at them and then put his cock back in my mouth."

MILF of the Month

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MILF of the Month

Born July 6, 1956, MILF of the Month Michaela O'Brilliant is German. This bra-buster likes to wear outfits that show off her giant boobs and skirts that display her legs and big ass.

"My boyfriend is a SCORE fan and he contacted The SCORE Group for me. This is the most fun thing I've ever done. No joke, it is true."

"I was told that I give fantastic blow jobs," said Michaela when she was asked if she had any special talents. That works for us.

Michaela is a fan of anal sex. "I enjoy it and do it often. I have been having anal sex for many years now, so I'm used to it. I was the first one of all my friends to advocate it. They were scared at the time."

Michaela could teach them all about it. All they have to do is watch her in action.

MILF of the Month

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MILF of the Month

The MILF of the Month is the amazing over-60 busty blonde Cara Reid who is getting the shaft from Tony DeSergio. The kind of shaft that's very good for her.

How did Cara get here?

"My friend Sally D'Angelo," said Cara. "I love me some Sally. I didn't know anything about this. She was reluctant to bring it up. She didn't want me to think badly of her, but I told her I thought it was awesome! Then she said that I would be perfect, and I told her, 'Let me think about that.' One thing led to another. I took photos then I got a phone call two days later, and so it began."

So, to sum up, Cara is buddies with Sally D'Angelo. They are friends who ride motorcycles together with their spouses. Cara didn't know that Sally is a porn star or that Sally and her husband are swingers. Sally didn't know that Cara and her husband are swingers. When Cara learned Sally was more than a swinger and is a porn star, the wheels spun into third gear

"I lived a very sheltered life so I think this is wild. 15 years ago I met my second husband. He opened my eyes to all kinds of things. I had a Southern upbringing with the bible, church, things like that. As I was growing up I would feel things inside, but society says that ladies don't do things like that. I was raised like that. But then when I met my second husband he said he saw in me something that I wasn't aware of. It had been repressed."

Repressed no more!

MILF of the Month

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MILF of the Month

The editors laughed while flipping through a MILF magazine from the west coast. The model was a 20something porn star fucking some longhair and the copy read that she was fucking her daughter's boyfriend. We don't know any "MILFS" like that. We know real MILFs.

Our real MILF of the Month may have already left the building, so to speak. Word's come in that she stopped modeling. Cassie Cougar was first introduced to SCORELAND members when she met Alyssa Lynn in the models' dressing room and our cameraman caught it (Here Come The Twins).

Cassie has worn many hats. "I've worked as a secretary, bartender, go-go dancer, actress and comedy show co-host."

"I dress fairly conservatively when I'm out in public, especially if I'm with my son. But, if it's ladies night out, I tend to wear something that shows off my girls for a little extra fun."

This busty 48-year-old divorcee and mother from Arizona hooks up with Rocky here. She's twenty years older than him and discovers that she likes that young dick in her seasoned pussy.

"I just want to experience the whole thing," Cassie said. "I was discovered on Twitter. I'm definitely looking forward to feeling his cock inside of me."

And Cassie did, indeed.

MILF of the Month

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MILF of the Month

Our MILF of the Month is none other than Sally D'Angelo, a tornado of sex. The silver-haired vixen loves to dress in low-cut, boob-revealing outfits and always wears porn-girl shoes. She and Rita Daniels like to team up and meet the fans at adult entertainment conventions where they draw a steady stream of guys of all ages packing hard-ons.

This is Sally's first anal fuck at SCORE. Cock in her butt sends Sally over the moon and she is ready to give it up here. But before Sally can get hard dick in her ass, before she feels balls slapping against her butt cheeks, she wants to open up her booty in preparation so she takes her big pink anal toy and works it up her tush.

As she stretches her winky, her legs in the air, Sally squeals and moans and says nasty things. One of Sally's talents is a dirty mouth. She could teach the younger girls a lesson or two. Her booty-call friend helps her out by taking over the ass-stretching chores and keeps plugging her. It's a pleasure to help a lady out.

Sally would like to have some guy-meat in her throat while she toys her asshole so he pulls his pants down and feeds it to Sally. Then he fucks her big boobs. She sticks her long tongue out for cock-head as it reaches her face. A stream of dirty comments pour out of Sally's mouth as he drives his skin bus through her tit-tunnel. Sally is hornier than girls one-third her age.

After Sally has her snatch shafted hard and fast, she wants him to fuck her ass. Taking his rod in her hand, she guides it up her butthole. Since Sally's bum has been opened by her "assercises," his dick slides in smoothly. Now balls-deep in Sally's butt, he gives her the pumping action she craves and deserves.

MILF of the Month

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Hard, Fast & Deep

In her sexy, deep-breathing babydoll voice, Alana Lace tells the photographer she is ready. Ready for missionary. Ready to "suck dick." Ready for reverse cowgirl. Ready for spooning. Alana is a girl who loves her big boobs and that's very important to any tit-man. She calls them big and delicious. She loves how they feel in her hands as much as she loves the feel of man-hands on them.

"Don't you want to stick your dick right here in-between my tits?" asks Alana. She like making horny comments that stiffen guys. Her face and hooters fill the frame. Makes you want to dive into the screen. Whenever possible, this video was shot in a P.O.V.-style.

JMac has been waiting to go over and now makes his move. He plays with Alana's heavy breasts, squeezing her jigglers and pinching and sucking her nipples to make them hard. He alternates between rough and easy, sensations Alana responds to.

Panties off to reveal her tasty cookie, Alana gets on her back and spreads very wide, her stockinged legs almost all the way back. A fuck-me position that shows her tits between her legs similar to the pile-driver position. Alana will be in that position later, with his cock sliding in and out of her pink-slit.

JMac fingers Alana's pussy and rubs her lips firmly but gently. He does not finger-bang her rapidly. After pulling the finger out of Alana's wet snatch, he sticks it in her mouth so she can taste her pussy nectar.

"Wanna fuck those titties?" Alana implores. She doesn't need to ask but hearing it is always a thrill. She holds her tits in her hands. They are so big only a small portion of breast-flesh are actually in Alana's hands. "Come on and fuck those titties." JMac slides his stiffie between Alana's mounds of joy and into her waiting mouth as another warm-up to the power-fuck to follow.

Hard, Fast & Deep

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