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Double Strokers

Double Strokers

Double your boob pleasure with Maserati and Desiree in a two-on-one Tits & Tugs photo set and video. Two super-sexual women lovingly working the Johnson to an eruption is the universal male dream.

There's fun in numbers, and in this case, three is not a crowd. Desiree and Maserati jerked and boob-fucked the same cock, and besides the jerking and tit-massaging, both of them took turns sucking dick during the video portion, saying they couldn't help themselves but to have a taste, making this a Tits, Tugs, Tongue and Throat scene.

"Most guys want to fuck my tits when we have sex," said Maserati. No surprise there. "I've met very few who don't want to go there. I would like to get a guy off just with my boobs, no pussy, mouth or hands."

Thank you, Maserati and Desiree.

Double Strokers

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Eva Karera isn't going out swinging with Tarzan. Eva's wearing a dress that shows her amazing ass cheeks and would be the hit of the party but she'd rather deep throat and fuck hard. Priorities first!

Eva talked about her move into porn.

"I would dress very sexy to go to the swingers clubs, but in the rest of
my life, I would be really shy, like not trying to get any attention. Not wearing
anything sexy. In the very beginning, I would work in my lingerie store, and once a week, I would teach diving, and every weekend would be when I would go to Paris to shoot porn, so it became too much. There wasn't enough time in the day."

The exhibitionists and hedonists that Eva met while swinging led her to open a lingerie store.

"I was going to the swingers clubs, and I saw that people were always wearing different stuff, so I saw that it was a good business. I thought, 'I'll work with women,' which was maybe not the best idea. It's very difficult to satisfy people who are not satisfied with their own bodies, and I was really young to own a store, and I would get bad comments from 45-year-old women who wanted to wear sexy outfits for their husbands. They would say, 'You are lucky you can wear those type of clothes.' And I thought, 'I am not lucky. I go to the gym every day and I don't eat like a pig.' And I hated being stuck in one place all day waiting for customers." It was at that point that Eva went into porn full-time and never looked back.

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Dream Girl

Maya Milano goes casual in a tank top and shorts (and some real ass-kickin' boots for the boot lovers in SCORELAND). Her clothes don't stay on for long. Maya pulls out her huge naturals to squeeze, jiggle and wobble and goes further south to rub her pink pussy.

Now Maya didn't show her spread pussy in her first series of shoots. She's new at posing and didn't know how far she wanted to take things or for how long she wanted to model. This time,
Maya is opening the pink gates to heaven for which we are extremely appreciative! Some of us were happy enough seeing her lick an ice cream cone on the streets of Prague.

"Maya Milano is fantastic, exactly the kind of girl I love seeing. She reminds me of both Karina Hart and Natalie Fiore. Stunning lady and I hope we see more of her," says S.C.

We hope so as well. Maya has the magic!

Dream Girl

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