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SCORE Girls Around The World

SCORE has photographed big-boobed girls on-location since 1992, the year the magazine began publication. The first stop was The Bahamas, an island chain that became a favored destination spot. Over the decades, our staff and the girls travelled to Japan, the Dominican Republic, Saint Maarten, Mexico, Germany, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, Colombia, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Canada and Brazil. During the early years, SCORE had an office and studio in England in addition to our Miami, Florida office. Many great British naturals were discovered and filmed there, in London, in the '90s and early 2000s. The five Boob Cruises from 1994 to 2000 sailed the Caribbean, stopping off at islands both tiny and large so we could shoot on the beach for the day. While the other big-bust magazine companies took the easy route and bought their photo sets from photographers, SCORE went in search of high adventure and trips to paradise.

SCORE Girls Around The World

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Alexsis Faye & Mr. Hands: Touchy-Feely

When a hottie like Alexsis Faye has an achy shoulder and back, she needs to attend to it fast because she's a busy model with a thousand things to do. Call for Mr. Hands, the fastest hands in town. Armed with an oil bottle, Mr. Hands gets to work on Alexsis' shoulders and back and then her big, soft breasts. Relief is only a rub away.

SCORELAND: What kinds of things turn you on?

Alexsis Faye: Dancing. Occasionally touching my lover's feet with my feet under the table at dinner. When I get ready to go out and dress in a nice dress and look in the mirror, thinking how much the guy is gonna love it.

SCORELAND: What's the best part about being Alexsis Faye?

Alexsis Faye: The best part would be that I get things more easily done. Sometimes I get my car washed for free or a gentleman gives me his place in line or even a nice discount at the construction store.

SCORELAND: How would you spend a million dollars?

Alexsis Faye: Well, the best way to spend it is not to spend it at all. So 1% on lingerie because I am addicted to bras and own more than 80. The rest I would invest in real estate.

SCORELAND: Now we know what to get you for Christmas.

Alexsis Faye & Mr. Hands: Touchy-Feely

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