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Peeping On Lorna

Lorna Morgan trims a bit of bush but doesn't shave her pussy bald in this peeping Tom video. "I don't shave all the way," Lorna once said. "I don't take it all the way off. I have to leave a little bit there, just for comfort."

One of the all-time greats, Lorna never planned to become a model, let alone a nude model.

"I was acting in television, and I did theater, and then I started an agency for models and actors and actresses. I suppose the whole modeling thing wasn't something that entered my head because I'm little, and I don't have long legs. I'm short, so I didn't think I'd be a model.

"It was other people who said. 'Oh, you should model those boobs. You should take those boobs and set them free!' They said, 'You gotta go take some shots of yourself with your top off, girl,' so I said, 'Okay, I'll do that,' and I asked my friend to take some pictures, and that's how I started modeling."

Peeping On Lorna

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Dance of the Breast Stars

Upgraded to HD for the first time at SCORELAND, this rare video paired Australia's Angela White with porn star Gianna Rossi in The Bahamas. It was a big thrill for Angie to meet her idols that week, including Lorna Morgan.

Angela knew all about Gianna's adult movie career before meeting her. Angela manages to keep abreast of all the SCORE and Voluptuous Girls and their activities.

After some dirty dancing, the girls got down on their big breasts. These two sucked nipples and squeezed and rubbed their juicy tits better, longer and with more gusto than any male porn stud. In fact, this should have been required viewing by porn guys. It's like a training film.

Dance of the Breast Stars

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The Big Climax

The Big Climax

This pairing was a girl-girl that guys who loved Cindy and Crystal had been dreaming of. Cindy and Crystal are long-time friends and have remained close even though they're geographically separated by over a thousand miles.

It was Cindy who originally brought Crystal to SCORE's attention. Later on, we asked them to consider getting much closer than slumber-party mates but Crystal wasn't sure. Cindy once did a girl-girl with Kandi Cox in a nurse-patient setting and she paired off with Summer Sinn so she was never against doing girl-girl scenes.

It was still surprising when they both finally said, "We're ready." It seemed only fitting that this was their big send-off since they were never going to do hardcore with guys.

"It was kinda strange to be licking one of my best friend's tits," Crystal said. "But after a few minutes, I got into it." Both girls had entertained horny thoughts of fucking each other with strap-ons. Then they decided to go for it.

The Big Climax

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The Big Climax

The Big Climax

Upgraded to HD

For a very long time, the classic pairing of Crystal Gunns and Cindy Cupps was a most-requested pairing. For a long time, Big Tit A-List girls Crystal and Cindy weren't ready for a slumber party that went all the way. Licking. Sucking. Strap-ons. They said thanks but no thanks. They're both into men. If they ever did it behind closed doors, they never talked about it.

Girls will be girls.

"We met at T&A's [a topless club in New York]," Cindy said. "We had like a love-hate relationship. You know, like all girls. Girls are catty. One minute you're talking, the next minute you're fighting."

Crystal credits Cindy as an inspiration. Chances are, there probably wouldn't have been a Crystal Gunns without Cindy Cupps.

"Her boobs were so big that I decided to get big boobs, and we were going to be a duo act and call ourselves The Atomic Bombs," Crystal explained. The duo act never materialized but the relationship flourished. In an interview, Crystal revealed, "If I was to do a girl-girl, Cindy would probably be my first pick, or Chelsea Charms, because those are my two best friends in the business. But I would have to think about that one. I know Cindy wants to do one. She's always telling me, 'Let's do a girl-girl!' I still have to think about it."

There's a lot to be said for persistence with some begging tossed in. Like their one-time-only Tits & Tugs scenes, this is the first, the only and the last time. High above the city skyline, the big, bodacious pairing of Cindy and Crystal took place. They brought the bag with the lube and the toys and went to big tit heaven while the cameras rolled.

The Big Climax

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The big years for big-bust girl-girl sex was during the '90s. We shot loads of it in the USA and England. These days, we don't shoot many girl-girls. The last one was almost one year ago, an unusual and unique pairing of Lily Madison and Hitomi in Europe.

When Codi Vore hit SCORELAND and then Milly Marks debuted a few weeks later, the mail about seeing them together began to show up. It was only natural to see them licking each other's nipples and pussies so we brought it up to them and they liked the idea. Milly came from Dallas, Codi came from Las Vegas and they made their girl-connection in Los Angeles.

SCORELAND: What went through your mind when you were asked about doing this scene?

Codi: I hoped it wouldn't be awkward. It's always a little strange at first to do a scene with somebody you've never met before.

Milly: I was super-excited to do a girl-girl in general but even more excited because I knew of Codi and had watched some of her content beforehand.

SCORELAND: Where did you first learn about Milly? SCORELAND?

Codi: Yup! I saw her on SCORELAND first!

Milly: I first found out about her from checking out SCORELAND before I started with SCORE.

SCORELAND: Did you see any of her scenes before you went to LA?

Codi: No, I didn't.

Milly: No, I hadn't so I was a little nervous to see how things would work out when we met.

SCORELAND: What was it like for you when you met for the first time, before the shoots began? Did you crush on each other?

Codi: Milly and I were really quick friends. I felt casual and comfortable around her.

Milly: Codi and I were instantly friends! She's super-sweet and easy on the eyes. It also felt really good to be around another girl my age with a very similar body type. That almost never happens. I definitely had a little girl-crush on her.

SCORELAND: Physically, what do you love best about her?

Codi: Her hair is fantastic...really thick and shiny.

Milly: I really love her face and her big tits. I think it's a tie.

SCORELAND: On a personality connection?

Codi: Milly and I are both pretty blunt and down-to-earth. I really enjoyed doing this with her.

Milly: I love Codi's bubbly personality. It made me feel really at ease and comfortable with her.


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Lots of SCORELAND guys wanted to see Milly Marks and Codi Vore get it on together. Making the introduction was a given.

SCORELAND: You both are genuinely into girls. Not much direction was needed?

Codi: Actually, the shoot required several different angles and positions, so we had to plan ahead.

Milly: I definitely didn't need direction. I knew exactly what I wanted with her and I got my way. It was amazing.

SCORELAND: Photographically, yes, there is some planning. The scene itself looks very spontaneous and natural which is great. Had either of you been with a very big-breasted girl before?

Codi: I've never done a scene with somebody that busty!

Milly: By far the biggest pair of tits I've ever been with. Now I know what other people feel like when they get to fuck me.

SCORELAND: Did you shower together after the shoots?

Codi: Why would we shower off after all that fun?

SCORELAND: After the day was over, did you hang out together?

Codi: We had a chance to eat some Mediterranean food after the shoot.

Milly: After our shoot, we were just talking each other's ears off and getting to know each other really well!

SCORELAND: Do you keep in touch? Would you want to get it on again, camera or no camera?

Codi: Definitely! It's always good to know a beautiful, hard-working model like Milly, especially when we got along so well together!

Milly: Yes, Codi and I have kept in touch since and have even spoken about possibly getting on-cam together someday.

SCORELAND: Who sucks breasts better, guys or girls?

Codi: Women, because they have nipples and understand how they like to be touched.

Milly: Girls do!

SCORELAND: What makes you cum the loudest with another girl? Getting head, toy, fingers?

Codi: Toys, of course!

Milly: Fingers! I love having my clit touched and played with.

SCORELAND: Are there any other girls on SCORELAND that excite you?

Codi: Samantha Lily has always struck me as the epitome of sexy. She is really good at making amazing seductive looks!

Milly: Lily Madison. I'm obsessed with her!

SCORELAND: MIlly, what was your favorite move that you did to Codi?

Milly: I loved fucking the shit out of her as hard as I could. Making her cum felt so good!

SCORELAND: Milly, you live in a house full of girls. Do you use toys with your girlfriends, like you two did in the strap-on exchange?

Milly: Yes, my friends and I love sharing toys and getting off next to each other.

SCORELAND: If you were going to give this scene a title, what would it be?

Milly: Sexy Sleepover.


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