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Breast of Tits & Tugs Vol 4

Breast of Tits & Tugs Vol. 4 showcases the handiwork of two of the nastiest big bust stars to ever step into SCORE's citadel of cleavage. First up is Summer Sinn. She's the stripper at an exotic dance club where the customers can get up on stage with the girls and fuck any pair of big tits they choose. One hard man digs Summer's huge hooters and stacked body and picks her. Summer has a degree (somma cum loud) at tit-fucking and she has another degree in crank yanking. A very handy girl.

Another hands-on pro in jug-jerking, dirty-talking and nut-popping is the incomparable Kianna Dior. Kianna has advanced degrees in the afore-mentioned fields also, and she's worn her sexy little coed clothing for the occasion. After a brief chat, Kianna is eager to get her palm red.

Breast of Tits & Tugs Vol 4

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Barbie Busted into SCORE

Barbie Kelley is the wife of a longtime SCORE reader. This gentleman has kept every issue of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines ever published, so we're talking over 30 years of devotion to big breasts. He and Barbie are mega-fans and love the models. Mrs. Kelley has a hot bod herself so Mr. Kelley has his own SCORE model at home.

Barbie is a member of The League of Extraordinary Busty Housewives of SCORE. This special club boasts such shapely and chesty members as Diane Poppos, Kelly Christiansen and Jayden Prescott. Barbie and Mr. Kelley took some snaps of Barbie at home naked and in heels and sent them to model@scoregroup.com. And Barbie didn't just pose in her birthday suit. She went for a grand slam with Mr. Kelley's blessings and did the deed with a professional stunt-cock.

Mr. Kelley traveled with Barbie and got to explore the inner sanctum of the SCORE building first-hand. This was their fantasy and it became reality. Barbie enjoys her big tits and enjoys showing them off. "If I am going out, I usually wear a bra. Around the house, all bets are off and you'll be lucky to find me in any clothing if I am home." Mr. Kelley is a lucky man as well as benevolent to his fellow SCORE brothers because realistically, how many guys are this generous? "I am a very sexual being and I enjoy sex seven to eight times a week," Barbie said.

Barbie Busted into SCORE

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Kim Velez & Her Teeny Green Bikini

Sweet Kim Velez. Always looking sweet and innocent.

The word tattooed on her neck is "Inmarcesible" which means "unfading." Kim got that tat in 2021. By her left hip, "Fuck me, Love me." That's a new tat since we last photographed the Voluptuous beauty in 2022. Have her big, beautifully shaped tits gotten bigger? They look like she's added an inch or two. Her saucer-plate areolas also seem bigger but this could be the hallucinations of our breast-obsessed minds. Her bikini top barely covers her areolas. They still peek out at the sides.

We asked Kim to wear a bikini for this outdoor shoot. The breast soaping and showering was her idea. Showering with her high heels on may set a new trend.

"It's hard to go unnoticed when I am out of the house. Everybody is looking at my tits. But I feel sexy. I love to show them off. It can be difficult to find clothes that fit. Especially bras. Usually when I bend over, my breasts come out of my bra. When I'm gonna pick up something, they fall out of the bra."

Kim Velez & Her Teeny Green Bikini

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Tanya Virago Likes it Like That

Dressed to kill in lingerie befitting an erotic seductress, maker of hard wood Tanya Virago waits in bed for Tom Holland. Tanya totally eye-bangs Tom as he admires this fantasy femme's sleek physique, beautiful face and massive bimbo tits.

On her hands and knees, Tanya takes his cock in her soft hand and prepares to worship it with her sensuous mouth. She gets on her side to swallow more of his thick meat. She has a look of joy when she jerks his shaft fresh out of her mouth. Then she leans back so Tom can fuck her jutting tits.

Tanya spreads her long legs wide, ready for Tom to wedge his dick into her tight, pierced lady-hole. Between positions, Tanya takes Tom back in her throat and sucks deeply. They passionately kiss often, something rarely seen in porn.

SCORELAND: Would you say that your sex drive has magnified since you began doing porn?

Tanya Virago: Great question. Yes, definitely yes. At first, you don't even notice it, but after a while you begin to understand that these "changes" improve life, make it brighter.

SCORELAND: What kind of role-playing sex do you personally enjoy?

Tanya Virago: For me personally, the sexiest role is that of a sexy, slightly depraved and always horny wife or girl who knows exactly what she wants.

SCORELAND: Are there any female performers you'd like to do a girl-girl or boy-girl-girl scene with?

Tanya Virago: Of course there are. I would love to work with such stars as Barbie Nicole, Katy Ann and Victoria Lobov.

Tanya Virago Likes it Like That

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Mariza Rabbit: Quench Your Thirst

"I have 3000cc boobs," said Mariza Rabbit, a bra-strap snapping honey bunny and part of a new wave of SCORE Girls boasting sweater-busting mega-tits. "My goal is to go bigger. I love big tits, big asses and big lips." Mariza said the most-fun job she's had was dancing at a strip club. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Mariza now lives in tourist-heavy Las Vegas where there are at least 30 exotic dance clubs in the area. She's pals with "The Legend" Kayla Kleevage, a longtime Vegas resident.

SCORELAND: What kind of dates do you like to go on?

Mariza Rabbit: I like to go to a library, a museum, a planetarium or an arcade. Sometimes, a fun swingers' club.

SCORELAND: What's the funniest line you've heard?

Mariza Rabbit: Can I have your number because I lost mine!

SCORELAND: Are there any fantasies you want to play for real?

Mariza Rabbit: I want to watch my significant other with another sexy girl while I watch and masturbate.

SCORELAND: That sounds like the storyline of a hot video.

Mariza Rabbit: Quench Your Thirst

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Girls Who Love Girls

Joana, the Countess of Cleavage, and her girls Roxanne Diamond and Amorina decide to hold an indoor pajama party love-in minus the pajamas. This time, the girls are all dressed up in party dresses and heels.

They waste no time with small chit-chat. Amorina kneels on the floor before Joana and pulls her top down. Roxanne cops a feel of Amorina's ass, then goes for a lip-lock with Joana. The dominant Joana takes Amorina and Roxanne by their hair and brings their faces together so they can kiss and swap tongue twirls. Joana watches their mouth-play with erotic pleasure.

Instinctively, both girls pull off Joana's bra and each babe takes one of Joana's big tits between her hands. This emphasizes the sheer size of Joana's huge boobs. Their hands are tiny compared to Joana's hooters. Roxanne and Amorina each kiss and suck a nipple as Joana moans with excitement. She is their breast goddess; they are her pleasure servants.

Joana lies back on the couch, legs open. Roxanne hugs and kisses her while Amorina feels Joana's pussy through her panties, then pulls the panties to the side to examine her smooth, thick-lipped box that's ready to get juicy. Their three-way tits and slits worshiping has only just begun.

Girls Who Love Girls

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