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The Huge Tits and Long Legs of A Fantasy Blonde

A woman of Amazonian proportions (over six-feet tall when she slips into her clear heels), Victoria Vale is the kind of fantasy blonde that inspires big-bust artists. She's an Otis Sweat painting come to life. In this scene, she looks killer in her Daisy Dukes, bra and tied top. Victoria likes to talk dirty and suck on her fingers. She teases, slaps her ass and pulls her pink panties up between her pussy lips.

At the same time, Victoria is down-to-earth, living an everyday suburban life. She loves to watch college football and is a fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team.

"I have a few things on my to-do list that I would like to check off one day," 36L-cup bra-buster Victoria said. "One is to travel to Australia and scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef."

Victoria began as a swimsuit model, then started modeling at car shows. "I love classic and fast sports cars. It was a very exciting time in my life. Modeling for SCORE was fun and I enjoyed it. It's nice to be back. I've appreciated all the very nice things people have written on my Twitter page (@VictoriaValexx) since my first SCORE video and pictures were posted. I love reading their comments."

SCORELAND: Victoria, what or who motivated you to model on the internet?

Victoria: It was always a fantasy, bucket-list of mine to model nude for a magazine.

SCORELAND: How did you first find out about SCORE?

Victoria: I knew a girl who had modeled for the magazine and always loved the big breasted SCORE models of the 90s!

SCORELAND: Do you have any favorite SCORE models?

Victoria: Yes! I love Dolly Fox, Kelly Christiansen, and Karen Fisher. I also adore the Boob Cruise beauties of the 90s! Minka is incredible then and now, Lisa Lipps, Busty Dusty, SaRenna Lee, Colt 45...all the big-boob legends!

SCORELAND: Have any big-boobed models been an inspiration to you?

Victoria: All of those models I mentioned are an inspiration to me!

SCORELAND: Have you ever been an exotic dancer, entered any wet T-shirt or bikini contests or been a nudist?

Victoria: I won a bikini contest on spring break in Cancun when I was in college.

SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do you like to wear?

Victoria: String bikinis in bright colors and very tiny tops!

SCORELAND: Have you ever gone out with a guy who didn't care about boobs?

Victoria: Yes, for sure! I was with someone for a long time who did not care about big boobs at all!

SCORELAND: That never fails to shock us.

The Huge Tits and Long Legs of A Fantasy Blonde

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Bikini-Busting Beauty And An Ocean View

If you look up the words seductress and man-pleaser in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of super-sexy brunette Eva Notty.

A girl either has it or she doesn't and Eva has it by the truckload. Eva, her swimsuit barely restraining her assets, waits at a swanky poolside retreat for the proper attention that a girl like her deserves. Who could take their eyes off her beautiful face and sexy 34F-cup tits? A tall girl at 5'9'', she's even more spectacular when she wears her six-inch fuck-me heels.

A man should spend a lot of time on Eva's tits before working his way down to her pussy.

"Touch and lick them gently," Eva instructs. "Squeeze them a little. Suck them. Lick them all over. And don't forget the other one! Teasing is what it's all about. My preference is that they cum on my tits. Most guys have never been with a girl with breasts as big as mine, so they like to cum all over them. I'll rub it in for you and you can watch if you want."

Bikini-Busting Beauty And An Ocean View

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Dirty Mouth

Dirty Mouth

Dolly Delight has traffic-stopping tits, body and face. And she's got quite the dirty mouth, too. She's so innocent-looking, and yet when she's playing on-camera, a stream of filthy jack talk pours out of her throat.

Dolly calls herself a filthy bitch when she masturbates and she masturbates a lot. "I love to be watched. That turns me on. When I'm doing solo videos I really do cum in them because being filmed playing with myself really gets me hot."

But Dolly is old-fashioned in many ways. She won't be burning her bra at any rallies anytime soon. "I like to be chased by a man and made to feel very desired. I like to be the girly-girl and I think a woman likes to be treated like a princess. I like a strong guy who can protect me and make me feel safe and also throw me around the bedroom."

Dirty Mouth

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Nurse Kelly On-Call

There have been many caring, stacked nurses at SCORE's Hooter Hospital over the years. Nurses built like brick houses with big tits that enter the exam room before their feet do.

Tigerr Benson, Terry Nova, Lana Ivans, Minka, Angelique, Dallas Dixon, Alanna Ackerman and more bra-busters have worn the nurse uniform and popped the thermometers of their patients.

The nurse fantasy never gets old. But she's got to wear the skimpy, hot-fantasy nurse costume, not the baggy nurse uniform that covers everything. Kelly Christiansen is perfect.

SCORE editor Dave brought up the interesting fact that many of our models through the years were nurses before they became porn stars (like Alyssa Lynn) or were nurses before and after porn (Renee Ross) or became some kind of nurse or health caregiver after they exited nude modeling.

It's better that fewer hot models become nurses because America's health care system is messed up enough now. We don't need slackers pretending to be sick to meet busty nurses.

Kelly needs a sperm sample. She has her own extraction methods. The clinic heats up when Kelly gets her angel of mercy hands on this bozo.

"My friends always say I'm very down-to-Earth and more like the next-door neighbor," said lovely Kelly. "Before I walked into the studio the first time, I really, honestly did not think I could pose." Kelly later realized she could and she made all of our dreams come true.

Nurse Kelly On-Call

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Daylene's Lust For Fertility

Queen Alexis and her concubine Shyla Shy had their way with a tripped-out Kevin in a wild anal threesome. The ritual initiated Shyla into the Mamazon tribe and she is now no longer a neophyte to this mystery cult that time and the world forgot.

While Alexis and Shyla were sharing cock, Daylene was chasing James through the thick jungle. We now see Daylene standing over his prone body in her hut. She is about to begin her own secret ceremony, one that James is powerless to escape.

Daylene's huge tits, beautiful face and lusty body have trapped him in a web of jungle heat. She must have his cock to fuck and suck and his coconuts to milk. He wouldn't try to escape even if he could.

Daylene's Lust For Fertility

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The Girl-Next-Door Named Amie Taylor

Amie Taylor is a cute and sexy little girl with a voluptuous rack and big doe-eyes. Amie enjoys posing but it's difficult to predict if this is a fling or will become a steady thing. There's something about Amie that suggests that she doesn't get what all the fuss is about her.

"I started to develop when I was 18 years old," said Amie. That's a little later than many of the girls here but look at the ultimate results. Amie's in the G-cup division at this point.

"When I go out, I like to wear dresses that show how big my breasts are. Sometimes guys who notice me are funny, sometimes not. One said to me you are so cute that I want to share a sandwich with you. It sounded so funny that I laughed."

Amie takes a shower in this scene, but before she does, she plays with her tits, bouncing and sucking them. After she spreads her ass cheeks, she goes into the shower to wash off the lipstick stain on her nipple. Once in the shower, Amie keeps swinging her heavy breasts from side-to-side and gives herself a hand. Makes ya wanna walk into the screen and join her.

The Girl-Next-Door Named Amie Taylor

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