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Victoria Vale Catches a Panty Sniffer

The message here is: When sniffing bras and panties, don't lock the door.

SCORELAND: If you were interviewing yourself, what questions would you ask?

Victoria Vale: Hmmm, I would ask about my boob size, if I want to go bigger, what my hobbies and passions are.

SCORELAND: Before you became a model, what kind of jobs did you have?

Victoria Vale: I actually had a fairly long corporate job in HR prior to modeling for SCORE!

SCORELAND: Your first shoots began in late 2017. Then in summer 2021, you did your first boy-girl. Was moving from solo-only to sex on-camera a question of just deciding to go for it?

Victoria Vale: I think it was just a matter of getting comfortable with shooting and just timing when deciding to go hardcore. It just seemed like the right time for me.

SCORELAND: Has shooting boy-girls upped your sex drive?

Victoria Vale: Oh, absolutely! I feel more in touch with my sexuality and much hornier leading up to and after shooting!

SCORELAND: So when you look in the mirror--say trying on an outfit or even nude--do you get horny?

Victoria Vale: Sometimes! Especially in a sexy outfit and heels! I love dressing for sex, it gets my mind in full sex mode!

SCORELAND: You'd said that in nice weather, you're likely to wear a tight, low-cut top. Obviously, you're proud of your statuesque body.

Victoria Vale: I love to dress sexy! I almost always have a tight, low-cut top and heels on!

SCORELAND: What's your favorite kind of fantasy role playing? I can imagine you dressed like a nurse, but it has to be an exaggerated sexy nurse outfit.

Victoria Vale: I love a sexy nurse outfit! I really enjoy role-play. Any sexy fantasy outfit can be fun in the bedroom. I would love to do more cosplay in the future!

SCORELAND: Have you ever danced in strip clubs at any time in your life?

Victoria Vale: I did dance in a strip club in college! It was a very fun "double life" I had at the time...until some classmates came into the club!

SCORELAND: Have you ever thought about becoming a feature dancer or trying it?

Victoria Vale: Oh. I've absolutely thought about it! It's a shame feature dancing has faded out. I would love to put a show together!

SCORELAND: What do you think is reviving the super-sized trend?

Victoria Vale: I think there is such a sexiness and glamour that existed in the big boob-obsessed '90s! I think there will always be a desire to revive that!

SCORELAND: Do you have any advice for girls who are thinking about super-sizing?

Victoria Vale: Make sure to expand your size in stages! Also, get some good, supportive sports bras!

Victoria Vale Catches a Panty Sniffer

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Bikini Sex

Bikini Sex

We have to issue a warning about Amy Anderssen's scene in "Bikini Sex." There's the danger of having a meltdown during the opener when Amy stretches out her SCORELAND tank top and gyrates. The camera shifts between Miss Anderssen's huge tits and her insane bubble-butt.

Amy talks about the reactions she gets when she goes to the beach, what kind of bikinis she wears, sex outdoors, the time she walked past a table of guys who all stood up and applauded her and much more.

Amy tries on a bikini that has less material than a handkerchief and goes outside to the garden and pool area. 5'6" in bare feet, Amy's a towering sight of topheavy titillation in her high heels. She swaps her bikini out for a blue monokini and then models the ultimate in string bikinis. The web acronym "OMG' was invented for Amy. This is why those guys applauded her just for walking near their table. She touches the wind chimes overhead and their sounds are like a signal for Amy's X-Man to come over and get her.

Rocky is eager to roam Amy's incredibly slim and stacked body, feeling up her boobs and ass, her tiny waist and smooth legs. Who wouldn't? He's almost foaming at the mouth sucking on Amy's big tits. It's sex-in-the-sun time with this super-busty brunette stunner.

Amy wants to try on another bikini. Rocky moves like The Flash, taking off one suit and quickly putting another extreme suit on her. Before he completely loses his shit, he lowers Amy to her knees and sticks his cock in her face. She opens her mouth wide for the skinflute and plays it eagerly with slurping, gurgling sounds before they begin their poolside pounding. Treating guys to wet and messy blow jobs is only one reason for her greatness. Fucking guys the Amy Anderssen way until they explode in her face is another reason.

Bikini Sex

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Bikini Sex

Bikini Sex

Extreme string bikinis and monokinis were invented so Amy Anderssen and her rockin' body could put them on and drive tit-men insane. This scene is dedicated to Amy's mad sex skills and her bigger-than-life, smokin'-hot body, her huge tits and bumper-booty.

"I have a fetish for things that are exaggerated," said Amy, who hasn't found the bra, swimsuit top or tank-top yet that can tame her wild tits. That fetish includes exaggerated flesh-hammers, too, and in this scene, Amy gets to play nice and nasty with Rocky's salami hero at poolside. But first, Amy has to drive everyone crazy by trying on what looks like the inventory of a bikini shop.

In the opener of the video scene, Amy is stretching out a SCORELAND tank-top and talks about the attention she gets at the beach and at pools, having sex outdoors and other horny topics. Then Amy tries on her suits at poolside before jumping on Rocky and enjoying drill-time on his pipe. Amy may be ultra-slim and mega-boobed but she's far from frail and delicate. She enjoys the hard pounding a guy can dish out.

Bikini Sex

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Juliana Dreams Catches Peter Fitzwell Scrolling Through SCORELAND

Peter Fitzwell is alone in the bedroom, scrolling through SCORELAND and looking at all of the big-boobed hotties. Even though voluptuous sexbomb Juliana Dreams is his current squeeze, he loves looking at other curvy sweethearts in private.

As soon as Juliana walks into the bedroom, he puts the phone face down on the bed. Naturall,y she wants to know what he's doing. Peter tells Juliana he was checking the latest scores of his teams. Suspicious and jealous, Juliana takes his phone and looks at some of the girls. Right away, like most women, Juliana wants to know what they have that she doesn't have. She is proud of her big, natural breasts and sexy body, and that tight orange tank dress emphasizes her womanly curves that she flaunts in his face.

In a diversionary tactic to take the pressure off him, Peter quickly changes the subject by sucking Juliana's nipples. She quickly pulls his pants down to get at his tent pole and give him a serious blow job with loud sucking and slurping sounds and dripping saliva. She drools on his cock, licking it like a candy cane.

Squeezing her heavy knockers and filling his hands with her superior breastflesh, Peter helps Juliana strip off, fondles her body and spreads her pussy wide while she's on her hands and knees so he can admire her pink hole before he stuffs his boner into her. It's always ladies first with Peter so Juliana hops on the dick. Her ass cheeks quiver and vibrate as she rides his thrusting pole.

Juliana Dreams Catches Peter Fitzwell Scrolling Through SCORELAND

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Juliana Dreams Catches Peter Fitzwell Scrolling Through SCORELAND.

Before Juliana Dreams walks into the bedroom, she calls to Peter Fitzwell. That gives him a second to put his phone face down on the bed before she sees that it's open to SCORELAND. He was checking out the busty beauties, even though she was in the next room. Like most women, ultra-voluptuous Juliana has intuitive powers when it comes to a guy secretly looking at pictures or videos of other women while she's in another room.

Juliana sees the phone and picks it up after her tells her he was checking out the sports scores. Her immediate reaction is to thrust her curvy, statuesque body in his face and ask what they have that she doesn't have. In times like this, the playbook advises that the best move is to start sucking on her nipples and caressing her breasts as a distraction.

Juliana gets into pleasure mode from the nipple stimulation and takes Peter's tent pole out so she can suck and slurp on it. Her sucking is loud, drooling and horny, the way that cock should be sucked. Peter peels off Juliana's tight orange dress and thong panties after he slides his porn-dick between her big, lovely breasts. He spreads her pussy lips to admire her pink cookie which is ready for fucking. Juliana sits on his boner in a reverse cowgirl ride for starters. His thrusting in different positions makes Juliana's eyes roll back and brings a smile to her face.

Juliana Dreams Catches Peter Fitzwell Scrolling Through SCORELAND.

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Jessy Bunny's Horny Bimbo Boobs

Jessy Bunny can't keep her hands off her gigantic tits and neither can Steve Q. He hasn't had Jessy under him since 2020 and can't believe how enormous her breasts are now.

We caught up with Jessy, now living "la vida busty" in Mallorca.

SCORELAND: Now that you are living in Mallorca, how is your daily life compared to life in Austria?

Jessy Bunny: My life is really different than it was in Austria. In Austria, I lived in a small apartment in the city, and now in Mallorca, I live in a small village with a lot of nature around! I love living in the countryside. In Austria, I always got lots of positive but also negative attention. Here, it's way more relaxing to go out!

SCORELAND: Do you think you will ever visit the United States?

Jessy Bunny: Oh, I would love to! Maybe for a shooting with SCORELAND?

SCORELAND: Do you get recognized in public?

Jessy Bunny: Yes, even from people I didn't think might know me. Last week, a cashier in a supermarket asked me if I'm Jessy Bunny.

SCORELAND: What sex position do you not enjoy and why?

Jessy Bunny: I really don't like being on top. I'm a total pillow princess since my boobs are so huge because when I bounce up and down, my nine kilograms of tits are an uncontrollable force of nature.

SCORELAND: Are you planning to go bigger?

Jessy Bunny: Yes, I want to get way bigger tits and plan going to 4500cc this summer or fall.

SCORELAND: Do you have a favorite tit-fucking position?

Jessy Bunny: I prefer lying on my back and squeezing my tits tight together while the guy sits on me! So I can perfectly suck the cock while titty fucking!

SCORELAND: Have you ever had a nipple orgasm only from breast play?

Jessy Bunny: Oh, yes! And it's amazing! Since I started expanding my breasts, my nipples became more sensitive with every surgery! They also became really, really big! Anyways, I got it already a couple of times and it's just amazing!

SCORELAND: What makes you squirt during sex or masturbation?

Jessy Bunny: Multiple orgasms!

SCORELAND: Where do you buy your bras and bikini tops now?

Jessy Bunny: All my bras have to be custom made. I normally get them at the store Doppel D in Berlin. You have to imagine my bras being a real engineering marvel. The straps are four times wider.

SCORELAND: Do you know how much your boobs weigh?

Jessy Bunny: Yes, my boobs currently weigh over nine kilograms. But I can't wait to get each boob to this weight.

SCORELAND: What position is best for you at bed time?

Jessy Bunny: On my side! I love cuddling and I love to be the little spoon!

Jessy Bunny's Horny Bimbo Boobs

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