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Alexsis Faye: Big Bust Beauty

What would it be like to be Alexsis Faye's boyfriend?

"I would always try to make him feel special by complimenting him, from his smile to buying him a new shirt. I would ask him all the time about his desires and what turns him on. To keep the fires alive, I would take him by surprise. For example, in a public place when he expects it the least.

"Another thing I love to do for a boyfriend is to whisper in his ear all the things I want him to do to me and that definitely will give him a hard-on. My favorite thing I love to do is face sitting."

What a way to treat a guy. Alexsis is a doll.

"When I get ready to go out on a date, I put on a sexy outfit and look in the mirror, thinking about how much the guy is gonna love it. I love to go dancing so for me, going to a big outdoor music festival for a few days is one of my ultimate dates."

Alexsis Faye: Big Bust Beauty

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Big Boob Paradise: Christy Marks & Angela White

"I think Christy Marks has the biggest boobs I've ever seen, especially on a girl who is as slender as Christy," Angela White said. "That makes her even more phenomenal than most others." Angela and Christy became fast friends on the island of Eleuthera, The Bahamas. It was a hectic, horny week shooting the movie Big Boob Paradise.

"It was fabulous. There was Lorna, Christy, Terry Nova, Gianna Rossi and myself. We all stayed together in this gorgeous beachfront house, and I even got to share a bed with Lorna! It would have been a dream come true anyway, but that was just over the top! She's such a good snuggler! Since I am such a fan of the big-breasted girls, I was as excited as a kid at Christmas to be invited. "

Christy was the first of the duo to do hardcore porn on-camera. Angela followed four years later on the island of St. Maarten, the Caribbean. After her XXX debut, Angela moved to Los Angeles for a full-time career in porn.

Big Boob Paradise: Christy Marks & Angela White

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Charlotte Queen: The Stacked Sensation

Originally a webcam girl, Charlotte Queen took to video and still photographs smoothly, quickly and with erotic talent and skill. Every inch of her slim but curvy bod and big tits is delicious. Charlotte reminds us in many ways of another South American head turner, Violetta.

SCORELAND: What should a man do to get you very wet?

Charlotte Queen: Kiss my vagina.

SCORELAND: What makes your nipples very hard?

Charlotte Queen: Touching, rubbing and licking them gently and with passion.

SCORELAND: Do you like having your nipples pinched or pulled?

Charlotte Queen: No, that doesn't feel good. I like soft hands.

SCORELAND: Do girls ever say something about your breasts or ask you questions about your breasts?

Charlotte Queen: Yes, they will come over to me and talk about my boobs. They seem very curious.

Charlotte Queen: The Stacked Sensation

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