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Boozy Big-Boobed Butthole Bang

Decked out in her sexy bra and panties, Marie Leone has two glasses of bubbly and she's waiting to share with Tarzan. He shows up with flowers and it's time to celebrate with hot sex. Marie pours some of the wine on her supernaturally big tits and Tarzan licks it up. She pours some on his dick and it's her turn to stick out her tongue. Marie offers her cleavage and lips for his cock and takes good care of him. Spreading her pink tulip and ass, Marie is now ready for a boozy big-boobed pussy and butthole bang.

SCORE: You mentioned that you are married now. How is married life compared to single life?

Marie: My husband and I just celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday. Married life is treating us just fine. We still attend swingers clubs and watch porn with each other. Basically the only thing that's changed is that now we have a paper that legally binds us together.

SCORE: What kind of questions do your fans ask you online? What do they want to see you do most of all?

Marie: A lot of fans ask me why I got into porn or if my husband and I will be doing more scenes in the future.

SCORE: You did a threesome with Rocky and Tony. Tell us about that.

Marie: I enjoyed both of them sexually and it was really fun when they both came on me.

SCORE: Where do you like guys to cum most of all?

Marie: I honestly like it best when guys cum on my breasts.

SCORE: How important is cock size to you? What size cock do you like?

Marie: Cock size is not really important to me. I like any size cock that I can get off. It's about making the dick cum.

SCORE: What is your favorite position for tit-fucking and why?

Marie: I like it when a guy is on top fucking my tits because it makes it easier for him to either cum on my face or tits. Or if he is not ready to cum he can easily just move back a little and fuck my pussy instead.

Thank you, Marie!

Boozy Big-Boobed Butthole Bang

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Boozy Big-Boobed Butthole Bang

Marie Leone greets courtly Tarzan with bubbly when he shows up with flowers. Marie pours the bottle over her great big tits and Tarzan greedily licks her sucklers. She pours some on his cock so she can get her licks in also. Marie treats him to her special tit-fuck and BJ, then spreads her pussy and butthole for his pole. Whatta babe. We spoke to Marie about this scene and other titillating topics.

SCORE: How was Tarzan as a partner? What did he do for you sexually that you liked the best?

Marie: Tarzan's performance as a sex partner was as good as any girl could ask for. He has a very handsome body and I enjoyed him sexually, especially when he licked up the spilled sparkling wine from my breasts. I definitely enjoyed it when he fucked my pussy from behind!

SCORE: What's your favorite anal sex position?

Marie: I enjoy being on top when I do anal since I feel in control.

SCORE: What's your favorite SCORELAND boy-girl scene and who is your favorite SCORE partner?

Marie: My favorite boy-girl scene is "Maid for Anal" and even though I loved and enjoyed Rocky in this scene, my favorite SCORE male partner would have to be JMac in "The Sex Adventures Of Busty Marie." He was so easygoing and funny off the set.

SCORE: Your favorite solo SCORE scene?

Marie: My favorite solo scene I did at SCORELAND will have to be "Super Titter."

SCORE: You and Tarzan pour sparkling wine on each other and lick it off. Do you ever do that at home or with any other foods or beverages?

Marie: Being with Tarzan was actually the first time I experienced the use of a beverage in sex. And it was a very fun and sticky experience!

SCORE: Thank you, Marie.

Boozy Big-Boobed Butthole Bang

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Maid For Sex

Set to turn 22 on December 14th, Marie Leone takes a spin as a domestic, cleaning Peter's place while his wife is out. And Marie is just maid for sex, you know, so this feather dusting business is about to end because she wants to clean his cock, not his clock.

Marie seems to be new at maid service since she keeps knocking over decorations with her big tits as well as her duster. But that's fine. The show is better than any degree of cleanliness. Marie is not really cut out to be a maid. Her skills lie in getting naked and spreading on-camera and in hardcore shoots. At home, Marie is pretty domesticated. She likes cleaning, especially her husband's dick. "My hobbies are cooking and cleaning. I just find it very peaceful," says Marie. Hey, we could watch Marie clean and cook all day.

Peter seems a little reluctant to hit on the maid but no one would accuse him of taking advantage if he did try his luck. Marie wants cock in her mouth and pussy so knocking things over and taking her amazing tits out of her maid's uniform is probably a ruse to get some hot sex. It's guaranteed. Who could resist her? This chick'll kill ya!

Maid For Sex

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Maid For Sex

Marie Leone is one of the bustiest maids ever seen at SCORELAND. Marie's big 34J tits look like they're about to explode out of the top of her uniform. She coyly asks Peter in her sing-song voice if there is anything she can do for him as she feather dusts his leg. A neon sign blinking "Fuck Me" would be less subtle. However, Peter seems content for the time being to sit on the couch and watch our friend Marie bounce around with her feather duster, her big boobs jiggling.

Unfortunately, Marie's fantastic ta-tas precede her and her pride and joys knock over some decorations. Peter's fine with that. Marie knocks over some more stuff with her duster and gets flustered and very apologetic. Peter suggests that if Marie wants to wear something more comfortable to help her work better, she should go ahead. Marie takes this a big step further.

Marie opens the top of her uniform and takes her big tits out, then resumes her dusting. When Peter sees what Marie's packing, he goes crazy. (And so did we.) Since his wifey is not home yet, Peter finally caves into Marie's desire to suck his cock and spread her pussy for a hearty fuck. A maid's job is hard and dirty but time flies when Marie has a good master of the house to work under.

Maid For Sex

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Super Titter

Among her top sex experiences, Marie Leone counts as number-one a trip to an adult bookstore to celebrate a Valentine's Day with a boyfriend. Recalled Marie, "Well, it turned out to have a glory hole wall in the back and let's just say my mouth got a mouthful."

Number 2 was visiting a swingers' club. "I'd never been with a female before that night but that didn't stop me and my fiance from going down on this very sexy redhaired cougar that everybody called Robbin. She popped my girl cherry that night."

"I enjoy anal sex once in a while," says Marie, who's enjoyed anal three times at SCORELAND and she's not done yet. Not by a long shot. Since Marie got married (before that threesome, by the way), she now qualifies as a SCORELAND wife.

What about other girls? Does Marie like to bang them? "Yes, all the time at the club I go to and at the swingers' parties I get invited to." And Marie gets into orgies too. She's got the sexual energy of a dozen hormone-loaded young girls.

And with all that sexin' going on, Marie has the time for two jobs plus studying computer science, working on cars, doing cam shows and screwing her husband, who has to be proud to go bra and clothes shopping with her.

"If you would have asked me what my hobbies are last year I would have said drawing or reading. Now my hobbies are cooking and cleaning. I just find it very peaceful." Keep on rocking, Marie.

Super Titter

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Super Titter

Those big, beautiful bra-bombs, that baby doll voice, that round ass that begs for a pinching. Yes, Marie Leone has all that and more. Last time, Marie needed two guys to handle her 34J-cup tits and she easily exhausted them by the time everyone came. "I've had plenty of those," Marie said. How many 21-year-old girls do you know who can say this? Fucking Marie is an athletic event, not unlike mountain climbing. And Marie's got massive mountains to climb.

It's been close to two years since Marie contacted SCORE. She didn't seem like a girl with a wild streak. Never trust first impressions. Her boobs are so big, and she's only 5'2" tall, that when she took her top off for the first time, she discombobulated the brains of the staff. Just how wild Marie is didn't sink in until she did her first two fuck scenes that week. Here was a girl who opened right up for the cock (in her butt also) and didn't believe in the long, slow build-up. One of the things she said then was, "I don't talk dirty because I do not curse. Funny, huh? Look at me doing porn and I can't say 'fuck' worth a damn!"

Two years later, this solo video is as sizzling hot as a hardcore scene. Bouncing on the bed, her big boobs flying, Marie fucks her pussy and asshole fast and furiously with big, thick toys and finishes herself off by fapping her clit, her fingers moving at hyper-speed. Quite a show, Marie!

Super Titter

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