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Big Tit Skinny Dip: Terri Jane

The SCORE feature film Big Tit Skinny Dip brings you the underwater adventures of four big-boobed favorites in the Caribbean. Valory Irene, Lana Ivans, Dors Feline and Terri Jane star in this aquatic romp, packed with skimpy swimsuits, tit-play, oiling, masturbation and underwater action. Do natural big tits float?

In Part One, Ukrainian SCORE star Valory Irene slips into sexy, skimpy bikinis in her room, while at poolside, British hottie Terri Jane relaxes in the sun. Valory goes out on the balcony to see Terri oil her massive breasts. Terri gets up and immerses herself in the pool for an erotic romp caught by our underwater camera! Watch as she swims sensuously beneath the surface of the water, her enormous boobs jiggling and swaying.

Big Tit Skinny Dip: Terri Jane

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Kim Velez: Oils Well at the Big Boob Spa

Kim Velez and her bikinis go together like oil and big tits. There's a spa that offers lots of privacy and it was just the place for Kim to visit. She makes lipstick nipples from sucking her nipples.

SCORELAND: What do you think about when you see your videos?

Kim Velez: Whether I look pretty or not. (Laughs.]

SCORELAND: What is your favorite way to masturbate?

Kim Velez: Lying down.

SCORELAND: Do you have a favorite sex toy?

Kim Velez: The Satisfyer.

SCORELAND: What kind of jobs did you have before you decided to model?

Kim Velez: Generally, it was always in restaurants. The last one was making sushi.

SCORELAND: Describe your personality.

Kim Velez: I think I am a very calm person. I am never happy or sad in photos.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had an orgasm from breast stimulation?

Kim Velez: No, I haven't, but it always feels good.

SCORELAND: What do you want to do in life that you haven't done yet?

Kim Velez: I want to do a lot of traveling.

Kim Velez: Oils Well at the Big Boob Spa

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Kim Velez: Oils Well at the Big Boob Spa

Kim Velez enjoys a day at a spa for sexy girls. It has private rooms so she can do as she pleases. And you know what pleases Kim.

SCORELAND: When did you start dressing to show off your body?

Kim Velez: When I started in the adult industry.

SCORELAND: Has any model inspired you?

Kim Velez: No, no one.

SCORELAND: Do a car's shoulder belts fit you comfortably?

Kim Velez: I haven't used them.

SCORELAND: Do you do things like clean or watch TV at home topless or naked?

Kim Velez: Yes, sometimes I do, but not often.

SCORELAND: What do you wear when you go to bed? What is the most comfortable position for you?

Kim Velez: I wear pajamas and I am usually on my side.

SCORELAND: If you could choose any word or phrase printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Kim Velez: "My face is up here."

SCORELAND: Have you ever dated a guy who didn't care about breasts?

Kim Velez: Yes, I have.

SCORELAND: How do other women react to you in person?

Kim Velez: Sometimes I feel strange looks but I don't know if they are from jealousy.

Kim Velez: Oils Well at the Big Boob Spa

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Victoria Vale Catches a Panty Sniffer

The message here is: When sniffing bras and panties, don't lock the door.

SCORELAND: If you were interviewing yourself, what questions would you ask?

Victoria Vale: Hmmm, I would ask about my boob size, if I want to go bigger, what my hobbies and passions are.

SCORELAND: Before you became a model, what kind of jobs did you have?

Victoria Vale: I actually had a fairly long corporate job in HR prior to modeling for SCORE!

SCORELAND: Your first shoots began in late 2017. Then in summer 2021, you did your first boy-girl. Was moving from solo-only to sex on-camera a question of just deciding to go for it?

Victoria Vale: I think it was just a matter of getting comfortable with shooting and just timing when deciding to go hardcore. It just seemed like the right time for me.

SCORELAND: Has shooting boy-girls upped your sex drive?

Victoria Vale: Oh, absolutely! I feel more in touch with my sexuality and much hornier leading up to and after shooting!

SCORELAND: So when you look in the mirror--say trying on an outfit or even nude--do you get horny?

Victoria Vale: Sometimes! Especially in a sexy outfit and heels! I love dressing for sex, it gets my mind in full sex mode!

SCORELAND: You'd said that in nice weather, you're likely to wear a tight, low-cut top. Obviously, you're proud of your statuesque body.

Victoria Vale: I love to dress sexy! I almost always have a tight, low-cut top and heels on!

SCORELAND: What's your favorite kind of fantasy role playing? I can imagine you dressed like a nurse, but it has to be an exaggerated sexy nurse outfit.

Victoria Vale: I love a sexy nurse outfit! I really enjoy role-play. Any sexy fantasy outfit can be fun in the bedroom. I would love to do more cosplay in the future!

SCORELAND: Have you ever danced in strip clubs at any time in your life?

Victoria Vale: I did dance in a strip club in college! It was a very fun "double life" I had at the time...until some classmates came into the club!

SCORELAND: Have you ever thought about becoming a feature dancer or trying it?

Victoria Vale: Oh. I've absolutely thought about it! It's a shame feature dancing has faded out. I would love to put a show together!

SCORELAND: What do you think is reviving the super-sized trend?

Victoria Vale: I think there is such a sexiness and glamour that existed in the big boob-obsessed '90s! I think there will always be a desire to revive that!

SCORELAND: Do you have any advice for girls who are thinking about super-sizing?

Victoria Vale: Make sure to expand your size in stages! Also, get some good, supportive sports bras!

Victoria Vale Catches a Panty Sniffer

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Tits & Ass Texas-Style With Andie Anderson

"I'm a bookworm, and an artist," Andie Anderson said. "I paint with resin and acrylic."

Obviously, our definition of a bookworm needs updating. Andie is a major hottie. She radiates sex. Once we saw her, we knew she was just right. Andie calls herself a hot wife, a swinger and a MILF. She's a triple treat from Texas.

"The SCORE Group contacted me on Twitter, and once I saw their websites, I was so excited to work with them! I love being a porn star! I love meeting new people, figuring out how to match their energies, hearing their stories of origin, and the sex is fun too!"

Tits & Ass Texas-Style With Andie Anderson

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Tits & Ass Texas-Style With Andie Anderson

She's 4'11" out of the heels but when Andie Anderson walks into a room, she owns it. People can't take their eyes off her. "I don't try to draw attention to my boobs. They're just too big to hide. So I stopped trying. "

Buying bras are a challenge. We've heard this many times from SCORE Girls.

"I either wear no bra at all or sports bras. I can't find bras that are 32HHH without them looking odd on me. I don't always wear a bra. Only if I'm working out or going someplace where I need to cover up a little more."

Andie has a sex drive that's in over-drive. She loves being a porn star.

"I would say I'm sexually assertive. I have sex about five or six times per week. I love all kinds of foreplay. I masturbate sometimes. There's not much to share about that. I get horny and just play with myself."

Tits & Ass Texas-Style With Andie Anderson

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