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How to unhook
a bra (brassiere) like a pornstar

In this lesson we learn the best ways to unhook your partner’s bra, releasing
her wonderful boobs into the open air. This is a skil in itself, and if
you do it right, the busty woman you are with will be impressed by your
ability. She may also wonder how many times you’ve done it, further increasing
her desire for you.

Let us assume you are face to face with your well endowed date, and she
is more than willing to have you explore her fleshy pillows.

Move your hands up from the sides and back, (assuming you had your hands
all over her ass) under her shirt and find the attachment in the back
of the bra. Your right hand will find the side with the actual hook, your
left hand will have the bracket. This is the secret… knowing which side
is which. Getting them mixed up will make things quite clumsy and she
may have to remove it for you. You don’t want that. Once you have a firm
grasp with each hand, they need to move together to make this a seemless
event. Move your right hand up and out while your left moves slightly
down and in. If you’ve done it right, the two ends will already be apart
and you’ll have free access to those big boobs. Sometimes they can still
be a little tricky, so as you’re moving up and out and down and in, give
each end a little twist and it should come free.

If you have a bra that you can practice with, go ahead and put it around
the back of a chair and try this method. You’ll find that in very little
time, you can perform this movement with your eyes closed like a male
pornstar stunt cock.

I’m a boob
man but…

I don’t know what
to do with them once I have full access!
This is one of the most common problems facing boob men. Especially boob
men with little experience with tits of any size. Of course, if you are
a boob man, you generally prefer them big. The bigger the boobs the better
of course!

If your babe of choice
has big tits, keep in mind that she knows it. She uses her over-sized
breasts to entice and attract men. She used them on you, to be sure! She
also appreciates a partner that knows what to do with them, and if you
do something she’s never seen or experienced before, she’ll be stalking
you for more and you may have to change your phone number. But let’s live
in the moment here.

Don’t feel like you
have to hit a home run with these lovely big breasts in front of you.
The first thing to do is massage and knead them with your hands. Don’t
dive in with your mouth right away. She loves to have a man put his hands
over her breasts. Be gentle, yet firm and increase the firmness slightly
as you go. I don’t think I need to remind you of this, but do not neglect
the nipples. Trace your finger around them to excite them before lightly
tweaking on the tip. When you think the time is right, lower your head
from her face (you had better be kissing her) to her bosom and kiss all
around the nipples. You can even nibble a little bit but try to judge
just what she seems to be enjoying. Put your face between them and make
her know that being between her breasts is paradise on earth. If you are
successful at this, she will gladly submit to love making for as long
as you want.

This may be as far
as you need to immediately go. There are plenty of other breast games
you (and she) may enjoy that we’ll save for another topic.

Boobs and Breast Milk

It’s not just pregnant
women who can produce milk from their breasts. The proper term is lactation
(to secrete milk). Many women will immediately lactate at the sound of
a crying infant, purely out of maternal instinct. Incredible isn’t it?
Just one more reason why breasts will forever be regarded as a source
of life, love and wonderment.

There are many men
who are not only turned on by big breasts, but also breast milk and lactating
breasts. Some women will think this is a big turn on, while others will
be completely turned off by it. Feel out your partner and find out how
she feels about her own breast milk. In the heat of passion, you might
bring it up and she will be completely into it. But talking about it any
other time, and you might lose her interest completely.

Tit fucking.

Some call it "La
cravat Mexican". Tit fucking, breast fucking, boob fucking etc…
You know what we’re talking about here. If you’re a boob man, you have
either done this or fantasized about doing it a thousand times.
Titty fucking is probably the ultimate turn on for a boob man. What’s
more, women with big tits also love to perform this for their man. If
you can even get to to say it… "Come on baby, fuck my big tits",
they pleasure will be that much more intense for you.

Position yourself
on top of with your large breasted babe on her back. I highly recommend
you have some cream or lube on hand as it makes titty fucking much easier
and a lot more fun. Squirt a generous amount of it between her boobs and
lay your member between them. She will automatically press her tits together
around you so that you can fuck her tits. With each stroke she’ll lick
the end of your cock and it slides back and forth between those huge breasts.
Start slow and find your rhythm until you get to a speed you’re both comfortable
with and enjoy the ride. All the while you’re stroking her tits, you should
have your hand behind you, penetrating her pussy and gently massaging
her clitoris. When you’re ready, you can either cum on her juggs or right
into her waiting mouth.