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Shower Time

Follow Savannah Stevens into the shower. It's the right thing to do because showers can be lonely places and girls built like Savannah need attention and company. Savannah did an incendiary XXX scene in "My Living Busty Doll" as a fembot that almost set off the smoke detectors.

Savannah spends most of her time at home naked. Delivery guys must appreciate that. "I just hate to wear clothes," said Savannah. "I'm constantly naked at home. I wish the whole world could be one big nudist resort."

"What I want to do is have sex in public. That's one of my biggest fantasies I want to satisfy. I would like to have an outdoor threesome with another busty girl and a guy with a really big dick."

Shower Time

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Living doll Savannah Stevens says she loves to run around the house naked. She hates wearing clothes. "I'm constantly naked at home," says Savannah. Savannah has definitely picked the right career path. This is her first time at SCORE. The second time you see Savannah at SCORE, she'll be JMac's living sex doll.

Savannah was familiar with SCORE magazine and the girls. "This is my dream job, adult entertainment. "Getting to lick and play with big ding dongs, that's the most fun thing I've ever done," says Savannah, who sounds exactly like the big-boobed, blue-eyed little doll she looks like.

"I like to wear tops that push my tits together so they bounce around and jiggle. When I wear low-cut tops, people give me car repairs, treat me to meals and they always pay attention to me."

How could they not?

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Newcomer Savannah Stevens is a 22-year-old Texan with big things ahead of her. If she had her way, she'd never wear any clothing and just run around without a stitch. And, since she loves lots of sex, Savannah's picked the lifestyle for her. We had the impression that Savannah was a cheerleader in school. She has the look.

Savannah never wears a bra. "My boobs look and feel great without one. Plus it's hard to find my size. I like yoga and kick-boxing. I'll wear a sports bra when I'm working out. It keeps them in," says Savannah. Absolutely. Who wants to see a girl's big tits pop out of her top when she's at the gym?

"I have a few toys at home. I think it's important for a girl to know her special spots so she can come even harder with a partner. Deep penetration really gets my G-spot. I can take over two feet of dick. You'd never expect it since I'm so tiny!"

Two feet of dick? The Masters & Johnson clinic would be very interested in that.

Welcome aboard, Savannah Stevens.

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