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Blow Job MVP Award Winner

SCORE: I can see your friendly playful nature, but there's a big jump from friendly and playful...

MIA: To cock-hungry porn star.

SCORE: So, if I said to you, "Mia, two years from now, you're going to be a porn star. Everyone's going to know you. You're going to be fucking like crazy on-camera," you would say?

MIA: I would say, "That makes sense." I was pretty slutty in high school. I sucked a lot of dick in high school.

SCORE: Were you known as the blow job girl?

MIA: I was.

SCORE: Do you have blow job skills?

MIA: Oh, no.

SCORE: You're not a head sucker?

MIA: Oh, no. I don't just suck the tip. You have to go all the way down. You have to deep throat, use your hands, sometimes use both hands.

SCORE: You can deep throat?

MIA: Yes.

SCORE: Do you think you can deep throat porn-star cock?

MIA: Yes.

SCORE: All the way down to the balls?

MIA: Oh, yes. It'll go all the way down past my esophagus and get comfortable in there. I have no gag reflex.

Blow Job MVP Award Winner

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Graduating Summa Cum Loud

No one could have predicted what would happen when Mia decided to leave her boring, low-paying job at the now famous but unnamed burger joint and shoot for SCORE. Mia became the most talked and written about adult model in the world. And the world's most well-known fan of the Seminoles football team of Florida State University. As of this posting, Mia has over 350,000 Twitter followers!

No one has ever seen anything like this. It's unbelievable. Mia has been written up in CNN, Newsweek, USA Today, NBC, the New York Post, the Washington Post, Billboard, Salon (whose writer made a huge error by reporting that she is Muslim when is Catholic), the Chicago-Sun Times, the BBC (no, not the "big black cock") and dozens more media services.

SCORE talked to Mia about how her life has radically changed. She still underestimates herself but we're working on that.

SCORE: I know you say you don't regret it, but what if back in October, when I [SCORE editor Dave] saw you in the parking lot and Gil approached you at the hamburger restaurant and you came to our table, we had said, "Mia, you can do this, but here's what's going to happen." And it's exactly what has happened. Would you have done it anyway?

MIA: No. No. I wouldn't have. And I say that because I made the decision to do porn consciously. I knew the repercussions, and I was ready to deal with any backlash I would get from family and friends who found out about it. I wasn't prepared for all of this, but I still consciously made that decision knowing there would be backlash and consequences, so I have to deal with them now one at a time. I can't self-pity because I said yes to this. I wanted to do this. But having it all laid out in front of me and being told exactly what would happen, I don't think so.

SCORE: And who knows what will happen now. I can tell you don't think this way, but how big can you become?

MIA: I do porn. You can't really get that big.

SCORE: You could become Jenna Jameson big.

MIA: Oh, no. That's legendary big. I can't get there.

SCORE: Because...

MIA: I don't know. I just don't think I have the porn skills for it. She's very talented.

SCORE: You haven't watched yourself, have you?

MIA: No, never.

SCORE: You haven't?

MIA: Never.


MIA: I've seen the trailers, but even that, I have to stop halfway.

SCORE: How come?

MIA: I just can't. It makes me turn so red that my cheeks start to burn and my body temperature rises. If we take a picture on-set, unless it's a silly picture and I want to see how it turned out, I can't even look at it.

SCORE: But you post photos on Twitter.

MIA: Of course. People send me pictures and I'll re-Tweet them so my fans can see them. I've seen those, and I've seen GIFs that people send me on Twitter, but I've never seen an entire scene or even a quarter of a scene.

Graduating Summa Cum Loud

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Graduating Summa Cum Loud

Formerly known as Mia Callista, Mia Khalifa dressed up as a college coed for this second hardcore scene, a mighty popular look whether in a photo studio, a strip club stage or someone's bedroom. It suits Mia just fine. She's got the look. The glasses add a nice, scholarly touch also. (Mia needs them, for real.) Like her very first XXX experience with Carlos Rios, this is a horny encounter.

In a few months, SCORE discovery Mia Khalifa, has gone from toiling at a burger joint for low wages to the biggest porn star on the planet. If the editor of SCORE hadn't seen her out of her shitty uniform, he would have never pitched his fellow-perv colleagues about approaching Mia to model. So what was Mia wearing in the parking lot that day that attracted this perv?

"I was wearing a very tight top that was backless and very thin and form-fitting and a high-waisted skirt that was also very form-fitting and came down almost like a schoolgirl skirt and black pumps."

SCORE: What's the craziest thing you've ever done sexually?

MIA: Probably fucking a history teacher.

SCORE: You fucked your history teacher?

MIA: Yes, in the classroom and somewhere else.

SCORE: When you fucked him in the classroom, was school going on?

MIA: School was going on. And there were people in the hallways. It was lunch time.

SCORE: How did this happen?

MIA: It took a long time to seduce him and convince him that it should happen. I would take videos of myself at home and take them over to his desk while class was going on and say, "Oh, look at my weekend trip to New York," and obviously have it on mute.

SCORE: And you were naked.

MIA: Yes and playing with myself. Or I would sit in his class in a skirt and not wear any underwear. And then one day he asked me to come back during lunch. And I came to his classroom, and he put the curtains on the window on his door down and locked the room and closed the blinds and took me in a corner as far away from the windows as possible. He told me to get on my knees, and I started sucking his dick, then he bent me over and fucked me and came in my mouth.

SCORE: Are you a swallower?

MIA: Yes.

SCORE: That was hot?

MIA: Definitely. I went to my next class with cum on my breath!

Graduating Summa Cum Loud

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Blow Job MVP Award Winner

Mia Callista, now Mia Khalifa, again shows her tremendous BJ and deepthroat skills in this Bonus extra. This set of photos is almost as large as a standard pictorial to capture every moment as Tony Rubino's putz completely disappears in Mia's mouth.

SCORE: Has all of this changed you at all?

MIA: Sexually, not at all. I feel more confident in bed now. I was always a little shy about my body, but now I'm comfortable.

SCORE: Is porn-star cock as good as you thought it would be?

MIA: Oh my god! It's about as good as I thought it would be. I thought it would be good and it is good. I don't think it's as good as sex in my personal life.

SCORE: Can you see yourself directing porn one day?

MIA: No. I can see myself behind the scenes, maybe producing, coming up with scenes, pushing paperwork, maybe compliance. I like coming up with scenes.

SCORE: You can work for FSU. You'd be a great recruiter.

MIA: Oh, yeah, I am! That's what I like about this, too. I've been hitting up four- and five-star recruits. I'm like, "Hey, do you want to come to Florida State?" And they follow me.

SCORE: Isn't there anything in the NCAA rules about blow jobs?

MIA: Of course there is! I would never break any NCAA rules and get Florida State in trouble. I'd rather get Lebanon in trouble than Florida State.

SCORE: But you're not offering any sexual favors to lure recruits?

MIA: No way!

SCORE: What if one of them is a swinger?

MIA: No. I don't mess with players at all. Unless they're lacrosse players. I like lacrosse players.

SCORE: You played sports, didn't you?

MIA: I played lacrosse.

SCORE: How has all this changed you personally?

MIA: I don't think it has at all. Honestly, all the hype is on the Internet. There are no cameras in front of my doorstep waiting to interview me. There are no swarms of people recognizing me. I'll get recognized here and there, but it hasn't affected my personal life whatsoever.

SCORE: Did Newsweek and CNN actually call you?

MIA: Yes. And they were very respectful about that.

Blow Job MVP Award Winner

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