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Marriage Counseling With Dr. Daphne, PhD

Dr. Daphne Rosen, PhD, sexologist, has left Los Angeles and now lives in Seattle where the locals are more relaxed despite the gallons of coffee they consume. But her fine work continues.

This is a SCORE case from the files of Dr. Rosen, PhD. Carlos and his wife have made an appointment with Daphne to try to correct an imbalance in their marriage. You see, Carlos wants to fuck his wife's anus. His lovely spouse thinks anal is dirty and repulsive and doesn't want to let him stick it to her behind.

Dr. Rosen tries to show his bride that anal sex can be pleasurable but the wife refuses to listen and angrily leaves. Poor Carlos. His sex life is in tatters. Dr. Rosen thoughtfully takes him by the hand and leads him into her private chambers. Since the session was paid for, Dr. Rosen must fulfill her obligation as a sexual educator and teach distraught Carlos how to properly fuck his wife's butthole.

She first gives him a blow job, using lots of dripping spit, sucking the rod all the way down her mouth. Dr. Rosen is not a head-sucker--a scientific term for a girl who only sucks the first inch of cock.

Dr. Rosen also knows the value of slobbering her drool on dick. When it's time for rear entry, Daphne has Carlos fuck her A-hole while she lays on her back. This allows a great view of the girl's pussy. To add more sweetening to the fudgepacking, Daphne shows Carlos how she massages and stimulates her shaved pussy while he pumps his fuck-tool in and out of her tush-tunnel.

Carlos is in good ass with Dr. Rosen.

Marriage Counseling With Dr. Daphne, PhD

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How Sweet Can Natasha Sweet Be?

Tit self-sucking is not a novelty for bodaciously-buxom Natasha Sweet. It's a way of life. Natasha sucks her breasts a lot in this scene. Natasha is one hot, sexy mama and she knows it. When she enters a room, she owns it.

"Men compliment me about my walk when I am dressed in a tight dress and high-heeled shoes. I always wear the highest heels because you know that gives a woman the sexiest walk. I feel my sexiest when I am wearing something that makes my boobs stick out," said Natasha.

Natasha speaks Italian and Russian and switches between both languages in her videos. In her bonus video in which she plays with a toy, she speaks Russian.

In one of her videos with two guys who get bug-eyed when they see her, one of them says, "Even her tits have tits!" We don't think there's a Russian or Italian equivalent to that sentence. But it's a good line.

How Sweet Can Natasha Sweet Be?

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A Bra-Busting Girl Named Luna Bunny

"I'm a naughty girl," Luna Bunny says in the understatement of the year. Luna's from Los Angeles, goes to college, does horny things to herself on-webcam and plays video games.

Luna really knows how to dress her sexy, big-boobed rack. In this scene, she stretches out a sheer, white turtleneck and wears a short skirt over thong panties. Perfect for college campuses and being the star student body who gives her classmates wood.

Once Luna tosses off her clothes and underwear, she teaches us a course in the anatomy of the Luna Bunny. She can expertly suck her nipples, something most large-breasted girls can do by the time they become college sophomores.

Among Luna's special talents, which are many: "I know the entire Shrek movie from beginning to end, word for word." Her sexual fantasy is to fuck her professor. Maybe he should wait until she graduates, especially if he's tenured.

A Bra-Busting Girl Named Luna Bunny

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The Universal Language of Big Boobs

Shara Lopez is causing a big stir at the office. She walks around wearing the tightest skirts and tightest, open blouses. Her serious rack is distracting the male employees and they can't think straight since she was hired. This is one of Shara's super-powers: making guys loco in the coco.

Tony takes Shara into a private office to talk to her about the company dress code. Now, Shara doesn't speak English and Tony doesn't speak Spanish so there's room for confusion. He tells her she should button up but Shara thinks he's telling her to unbutton and she's more than eager to do that and show him her tits. This is like waving a steak at a dog.

Tony forgets his so-called code of office behavior and proceeds to lick and suck Shara's hot nipples. She quickly gets naked, he copies her, and she drops to her knees to swallow his dick and nuts and tit-fuck him. This Latina hottie has him by the balls. They get it on, and when Shara gets it on, she loves to play with her big boobs, a great thing.

Tony has his hands full as Shara writhes and grinds in rhythm with his thrusting. She is a superstar of super-sex. He has Shara promise not to tell anyone at the office they fucked at work. Whatever happens, it was worth every second. Secretaries like her don't cum along every day of the week.

The Universal Language of Big Boobs

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Amie Taylor: Bouncing Her Way To Your Heart

Late bloomer Amie Taylor said her breasts grew large when she was 18 and they just kept growing. She blossomed later than some, earlier than others. She had the biggest tits in her neighborhood.

Her neighborhood happens to be in Romania, a land that's giving the world an awful lot of bra-busters. Part of this is fueled by the huge webcam business in Romania that's revealing how many big-boobed girls there are in that small nation. Romanian pioneer model Joana Bliss must be their role model if not their guidance counselor.

Girl-next-door Amie likes casual, spontaneous dates. Italian restaurants are fun. She likes to spend time with her friends, doesn't play or watch sports but likes to walk, and she does an exceptional job of bouncing on that mini-trampoline. A tit-man could watch her do that over and over again until he got severe eye-strain. This photo set freezes some of Amie's boobs-in-motion action.

Amie Taylor: Bouncing Her Way To Your Heart

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Exhibitionist At Heart

Simone Ray is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. "I looked at BeASCOREModel.com and that's why I decided to try to become a model," Simone said. "I also think it would be fun to swing around a stripper pole a couple of times. I think I'd be good at it! But I'll never do it."

With a body like hers, Simone would have had her dance card filled as a lap dancer in a nude or topless club, grinding men's lumps until they shot a load in their shorts. But she was content just to dabble at naked modeling, not make it a lifestyle.

Exhibitionist At Heart

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