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The Huge Tits and Long Legs of A Fantasy Blonde

Victoria wears her smallest Daisy Dukes and a knotted white top, and in her dancer shoes, stands over six-feet tall. Her enormous tits spills over her tight bra. Talk about global warming. A true fantasy bust-star. You gotta wonder if Victoria ever leaves the house like this when it's hot out. Probably not. But maybe she does. We asked Victoria that question.

Commented a reader about Victoria: "This woman, along with the Star sisters, should be the next big SCORE star. I want to see her do more outfit teases. I'd love to see her strip out of a pair of yoga pants or a Latex outfit. Here's another big, hard vote for more busty MILFs!"

A stunner with tremendous camera presence, Victoria likes to masturbate while she watches porn and does that several times a week. "I love watching well-endowed men titty-fucking big-boobed girls. How hot is that?"

SCORELAND: Victoria, What do you wear during the day when you go out in nice weather?

Victoria: I like tiny tank tops and sexy skirts.

SCORELAND: That's what I guessed. How do other women react to you in person?

Victoria: Some women get very angry over the size of my breasts. Maybe they wish they had them?

SCORELAND: Have your breasts ever fallen out of your top in public?

Victoria: I have had my bikini top slide off in the pool, and coming out of the pool, many, many times!

SCORELAND: We need to see that one day! What do you wear when you go to bed?

Victoria: Well, most nights, a sports bra and panties, but if it's "naughty night," I love falling asleep post-sex in full sexy dress. A sexy outfit or bra, garters, thigh-highs. I love that sexy feeling to last all night long!

SCORELAND: With breasts your size, what position do you usually sleep in?

Victoria: I like to sleep on my stomach actually, but my huge boobs have forced me to switch to my side.

SCORELAND: What do you like to do most on a free night?

Victoria: Have incredibly erotic hot sex! I'm a homebody at heart and love having a nice meal then curling up to watch a movie. Hot sex comes later.

SCORELAND: Any message for SCORE readers and web members?

Victoria: I just want to send a huge thank you to SCORE readers! I love the wonderful comments and feedback I have gotten! I read every single one of them and cannot express my appreciation enough.

The Huge Tits and Long Legs of A Fantasy Blonde

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Bikini-Busting Beauty And An Ocean View

This stacked brunette has more sex appeal in her little pinky than the average woman has in her entire body. Eva Notty shows how talented she is at man-pleasing, starting with offering up views of her beautiful bikini body and progressing to presenting her 34F-cup tits for the hottest breast-sex. Her gorgeous bod was built for skimpy bikinis.

"Tit-fucking can happen in foreplay," says Eva. "So say the guy is up here playing with my breasts and puts his cock between my tits, that's great. The most amount of time that you can spend before actually getting to my pussy is the best because it's really, really, really getting hot and bothered and then the orgasm is better."

Eva's a very sensuous, sensual, erotically-minded woman, and that personality comes across on video even when she's simply sitting and waiting for her date to show. As SCORE editor Dave put it, "A guy could lose his mind with a woman like Eva." And they have.

Bikini-Busting Beauty And An Ocean View

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Dirty Mouth

Dirty Mouth

It was a very hot day when Dolly Delight left her cool bungalow for this pictorial. Her parasol protected her fair Anglo-Saxon skin from the burning rays of the sun until she tossed it away and took off her dress.

Her British pussy is pierced and shaved and is always aching to be fingered. Her filthy vocabulary is unrivalled by any other skanky British bitch. In the dirty mouth division, Dolly's throat is a whirlpool of verbal smut, her mind in the gutter. In other words, Dolly is an artist at producing salaciously slutty and prurient poetry.

A nice vanilla ice cream cone is just right for a refreshing break from this tropical heat. It melts too quickly though, and Dolly's sloppy ice cream licking habits leave her big tits looking like a group of sperm donors busted their nuts all over her.

Dirty Mouth

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Nurse Kelly On-Call

There have been many caring, stacked nurses at SCORE's medical clinic over the years. Angels of mercy with bodies built like brick houses and huge tits that enter an exam room before their feet do.

Autumn-Jade, Minka, Angelique, Cindy Cupps, Denise Derringer, Vanessa Y., Joana Bliss and more: the list is long and distinguished. Selfless humanitarians who will not stand by indifferently while men suffer the torment of blue balls.

Kelly Christiansen walks the corridors in her skintight, low-cut uniform while awed patients, orderlies and even doctors pay their respects when they see her pass by, tripping over wheelchairs and accidentally walking into elevator shafts.

Her mission: to heal the sick. Nurse Kelly progressed to head nurse quickly. Sperm sample extraction by hand and tit-fucking is her specialty and she also enjoys a pole ride when she has the time.

The patient you are about to see is clearly in need of an emergency brain transplant. This is beyond Nurse Kelly's skill level but she can provide some healing by having the poor sap glaze her glorious globes with his ball-batter, relieving the pressure on his nut-sack. A jug-hug and a mammary-massage will provide temporary relief.

What a nurse. What a woman.

Nurse Kelly On-Call

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Daylene's Lust For Fertility

Jungle girls come in all shapes, colors and cup sizes. Latina Mamazon Daylene Rio is like one of those hot native chicks from the old Bomba, The Jungle Boy movies. Sultry, pouty, steamy, wild, hot-tempered, dark-eyed and exotic looking, Daylene is the high-priestess of the Mamazon clan.

Alexis Silver is her Queen, but while the Queen's fucking one of the hapless male explorers they've trapped, Daylene is interested in one of the other intruders--mainly in his cock.

Daylene rubs her heavy hangers all over him, then gets to work on his jungle jizzer. Daylene just does what comes naturally and she's an expert at it the first time. She didn't need to look at the pictures in a sexology manual to know how to spread her thick cunt lips apart for her captive's spear.

Daylene's never had the magic jungle juice squirted all over her hot tits but it's never too late to learn and Daylene is extremely interested in learning. Her savage fury needs to be trained by cock.

Daylene's Lust For Fertility

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The Girl-Next-Door Named Amie Taylor

"Other girls might be jealous of my boobs, but if they are, they don't say anything bad to me," Amie Taylor said. "They are very heavy so I wear a bra almost all of the time. At home, I don't wear one."

Amie wears a 36G-cup bra. Her jiggly and jubilant jugs nearly bust the straps on an ordinary bra so she has to shop carefully to find ones that provide the right support and comfort.

"I don't wear a bra when I'm home. When I go out, I always put one on." Amie's bra in this scene can't keep her side cleavage from spilling out of the sides. They want to break free. Amie said she has no special talents but we disagree. She's loaded with talent.

Amie is one of the many reasons that Romania is overtaking the Czech Republic as the #1 destination spot for boob-spotting. Four of the eight girls in the North Coast SCORELAND special are Romanians.

The Girl-Next-Door Named Amie Taylor

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