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Busty Supervixen

Another busty model who met Maserati at the SCORE studio a couple of years ago said, "I remember the first time I came and I saw Maserati there, and she was doing special projects and autographing stuff and I knew then that was what I wanted to do." So Maserati is also an inspiration to other girls.

When Maserati debuted, K.S. wrote "Maserati is a sensational find. One of the hottest-- if not the hottest--woman The SCORE Group has ever featured. As soon as I saw her debut photos, I dropped my pants and stroked out a fat load for her and, as someone who's barely missed an issue of SCORE or V-Mag in 14 years, I can tell you that's a rarity. Those torpedo-shaped tits capped with thick, rubbery teats that could take a man's eye out and the rest of her ain't bad either! She's an absolutely jaw-dropping, load-blowing phenomenon."

A reader named Brad commented, "It seems weird, but as much as I love seeing Maserati fuck, I'd love to see her in solo scenes. Obviously, this goddess looks amazing in hardcore, but she's so perfect, I want to worship her solo as well!"

It's not weird at all. It's about enjoying every inch of a busty supervixen without a cock blocking all of the heavenly sights a woman has to offer.

A guy who loves both solos and hardcore gets the best of both worlds with Maserati, and we do mean the best. Maserati is more than a model, she is a force of nature. Super-nature.

Busty Supervixen

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Sinnful Massage

Sinnful Massage

Summer Sinn became a popular regular at SCORE and it wasn't for baking cookies to give us at Xmas time. She used those big whoppers, her sucking mouth and her tight cunt to drain the cum out of balls. In this scene, Summer offers to treat Jarrod to a body rub, but that doesn't last long as she pulls his cock out and sticks it in her favorite spot...inside her cleavage.

Summer likes to talk about her tit-fucking technique:

"First, I gotta get his cock all wet. Then I'll rub his cock against my nipples. Then I'll get it all wet again, rub it up and down to make sure it's really hard, then I'll wrap my tits around it and move them up and down. Sometimes guys get lost in my boobs, but they don't seem to mind. I can make just about any cock disappear."

Seeing is believing.

Sinnful Massage

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Oksana: Sweet & Sexy

There's something about pretty Oksana.

A sweetness. The freshness and charm of youth.

"I like dates watching movies or having a meal at a cozy cafe. I love flowers very much and when a man gives them to me on a date, I rejoice like a child. I also love surprises and when a man comes up with something fun.

"My sex dreams? I've never had sex with a girl. I really want to find someone. I also dream of getting cum inside my pussy. I love to masturbate and I think about those dreams when I play with myself. I have a lot of toys for different holes. My favorite toy is a vibrator."

Oksana: Sweet & Sexy

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Crystal Chase: Teenage Heatwave

Squeezably soft Crystal Chase creates a teenage heatwave wherever she goes. This time she's joined by Rico Hernandez who's here to sex her up and sex her down.

Crystal Chase's hot girl advice to guys:

"Pay attention to the little things. Anyone can remember the big things but if you remember little things or small key details, I'll adore you forever."

Crystal Chase on Crystal Chase:

"My communication is simply unmatched. If there's anything about me, I'm too straightforward for a miscommunication. I'm really, really good with saying what I like and especially what I don't like. My eyes are incredibly expressive and I make faces a whole bunch. You can 100% read me based on my eyes alone. Oh, and my boobs! Did I mention they're super soft? Don't forget big!"

Crystal Chase on feeling sexy:

"I like wearing really sexy lingerie and dolling myself up. Wearing form-fitting clothing that are still semi-modest. I usually dress modestly. There's just something about you being the only one knowing what's underneath that's very sexy."

Crystal Chase: Teenage Heatwave

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Isa Gomez: Off-the-charts Sex Appeal

"Honestly, | don't socialize much, and at times I can be shy," said the lovely and talented Isa Gomez, a sexy girl who found her calling in life being on-camera and showing off her sensational body, pretty face and huge natural tits. She can easily self-suck her nipples as her video scenes prove.

"I do like an extroverted man who can make me laugh and make me feel very loved."

Until she meets funny Mr. Extrovert, Isa can be the queen to all her fans who go crazy over her. She said her sexual fantasies are to make love on top of a tree and give a man a rim job.

"I like to give and receive oral sex, and my favorite position is cowgirl. The best foreplay is when I get a lot of breast kissing and nipple sucking. That should never be neglected."

It's beyond belief that anyone would neglect sucking Isa Gomez's nipples.

Isa Gomez: Off-the-charts Sex Appeal

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Cum For Maggie Green

"I've watched a lot of porn," said Maggie Green. "I was a big fan of Jenna Jameson. Still am. I always thought porn was hot and I was always curious, like...'What would that be like?' And then I did my first girl-girl scene. I liked that. I like girls. And I like cock much more than I like girls, and you get older and you don't want to wait too long before you try something, and I'm the kind of person who doesn't regret stuff when I do it. I regret when I don't try something I'm curious about.

"I'm built for tit-fucking. I like to do it. It's one of those things that at first, I was like, 'What the hell?!' but seeing how the guy really gets into it...and I like the noise it makes. It makes a hot noise."

"I've been told I'm really good at sucking cock, and I love to do it. I think if you really enjoy something and do it a lot, you're probably going to be really good at it. That's my theory. Guys are always telling me I have good dick-sucking lips. I have a really long tongue, too. Did you guys ever notice that? I love spitting on the cock and playing with it and shoving it down my throat. It's fun. It really is fuckin' fun."

Cum For Maggie Green

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