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Tit-fucking Traffic Stopper

Katarina could wear a potato sack, stand outside and make every driver brake. But why would she? Katarina would rather put on a skinny bikini and high heels because she likes to show off her crazy-sexy body that drives guys wild. The goddess Venus would find it tough competing against the slim, big-boobed blonde.

A passing driver sees cat-eyed Katarina and stops. She gets into his car, her eyes eating him up. Playing with his junk in the front seat is confining. She knows an empty house nearby where they can stretch out and she can tit-fuck and jerk his junk until he squirts her twins. Then she'll leave him there naked, get into his car and drive off.

Tit-fucking Traffic Stopper

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Sara Jay Said A Mouthful

Sara Jay is one of the best blow job experts in the big-boobed world. Considering all the many sensational oralists on SCORELAND, that's high praise.

Sara told SCORE magazine editor Dave that a lot of guys don't even realize that she has a tongue piercing until after she's gone down on them. She likes the thing in her tongue and she says that rapid, sexy tongue flicking is good exercise, like lifting a little barbell.

Sara Jay credits "practice, practice, practice" and all the hands-on training she's got from the many guys she's sucked off.

"You can't just suck the head," Sara says, noticing that many girls, no names please, just do not go all the way down the base of the shaft and merely focus on the first three or so inches. Sara states that that's wrong, because too much attention on that area desensitizes the cock and makes it harder for a guy to cum later. Sara should consider teaching classes in advanced cock sucking. Maybe even embark on a national college tour.

Sara Jay Said A Mouthful

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Sun-kissed Brit Tits

Big-boobed English sweetheart Aurora Rose has a basketful of laundry to hang up on the outdoor line so they can dry in the sun. Naturally the entire basket is all bras.

Laundry is boring. Aurora has better ideas on this sunny California day so she gets naked as nature intended. Her buff Brit bod loves the sun, as you can tell by her tan lines. Aurora could be a bikini beach babe or she could go the tanning booth route or a combination of both.

"I really only wear one brand of bra," Aurora said. "I found one that does the trick. The Panache Cleo Marcie Balconnet bra." With a name like that, the label might be bigger than the bra itself. It definitely pops Aurora's tits forward. "I wear tight tops that show off the shape of my breasts."

Pick-up lines are not needed for this cheeky, saucy Brit. "I think it's just sweet if a guy tries to catch my eye. If I get attention from anyone, I don't assume it's because of my boobs because I don't wear anything to emphasize them. Just when I'm doing photo shoots for SCORE."

Sun-kissed Brit Tits

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Deliciosa & Caliente Shara

All good things come to those who wait. At one time, SCORE was able to photograph South American girls with big tits such as Romina Lopez, Cynthia Romero and Luma. Then our photographers left South America.

Only recently have we been able to return, this time to Colombia for the first time. Shara Lopez and Katy Shavon are two of the first of the new arrivals followed by Shanie Gaviria, a girl who was in touch with SCORE for several years before we finally hooked up. We're more than happy to welcome all three super-hotties. You couldn't find three sexier knockouts if you scoured every beach in Colombia.

Shara has the body of a goddess and the torrid sexiness that seems to be built into the DNA of so many Latinas. Her rich, ripe breasts are natural, heavy and beautifully shaped. They compliment her slim but curvy body and shapely legs and ass. A gorgeous, inviting face and a charming, erotic personality complete the total package.

Shara doesn't speak English but she doesn't need to. She says it all with her face and body. We translate her words into English when she speaks in her videos. Listening to her speak in her native tongue makes everything even hotter.

Deliciosa & Caliente Shara

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Milly's First Anal

"I love all kinds of butt stuff," Milly Marks told us. "I don't do it often but when I do it's always a treat."

Milly's special treat for SCORELAND guys is her first anal on-camera. Milly, she of 36H-cup greatness and the sex drive of ten girls in one shapely body, has had anal sex with boyfriends but she's never done the deed with a porn pro since she started with SCORE.

The video first begins with Milly chatting with her photographer, answering his questions about her feelings about anal sex and how she gets ready for it. Milly is very open and natural, as always. She takes him into a bedroom to show us how she opens up by putting a dab of coconut oil on her bootyhole and fingering it. This makes everything more intimate and personal. Then Milly heads into the bedroom, eager to jump Donnie Rock.

Donnie is already waiting. Milly sticks her big tits in her face, her nipples there for the sucking. After wetting his cock with a BJ, Milly climbs on for a cowgirl ride because she likes to fuck before the shaft goes inside her butt. When he fucks her ass sideways, Milly rubs her clit for extra pleasure. Milly raises the roof with her cries of pleasure. "I love having my clit rubbed. I especially love doing it myself while I'm being fucked hard."

Milly is a girl who gives everything her all. She's the ultimate voluptuous girl-next-door and she really loves getting it on with guys and girls, loves the sex and the orgasms. "I love shooting with SCORE a lot. I hope to keep doing it as often as possible," Milly said. "I feel more confident now and even more of a sexual person than I was before."

Milly's First Anal

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Super-stacked & Soaked

Back in 2006, Danielle Derek said, "Guys are very rough with me because they're able to toss me around in bed. They can maneuver me. Lots of guys tell me that when they're with other women, they can't." She was sitting next to Alexia Moore and they were groping each other the whole time.

Flash-forward to now, light and lithe Danielle is still getting picked-up, maneuvered and fucked while hanging onto a guy's shoulders. She puts the "man" into "maneuvered." Her slim sister-in-boobs Alexia is long gone from the big-tits scene but Danielle is still down for fun and sex games. Only now, her tits are bigger.

"My favorite part about my boobs is how high up they are," Danielle said. "The distance from my collarbone to the top of my boobs is so small. I love that. And I have that huge, round, fake look, and that's why you get implants. You don't want implants that are going to hang naturally, and my other ones were starting to hang naturally. They lost that rounded look."

So what's on Danielle's wish list?

"A vacation in Costa Rica. I love the beach and sun-tanning. That's my idea of total relaxation."

Super-stacked & Soaked

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