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Why Brassieres Were Invented

Helen Star went through her suitcase after she arrived for this shoot looking for something special she wanted to wear. "What do you think of this?" Helen asked the photographer, holding up a red bra and panties. Her choice clicked with him and the makeup artist.

Helen's twin wonders didn't stay nestled in her cups very long as the clicking continued. They demanded an early release for good behavior. Something's got to give and in this case, it was Helen's lingerie.

SCORELAND: Helen, do you know how much your boobs weigh?

Helen: I never weighed them but that would be a cool video to make.

SCORELAND: What position do you sleep in?

Helen: I sleep on my tummy. That's right, boobs under me and it's sooo relaxing.

SCORELAND: What kinds of swimsuits to you like to wear at the beach or a pool?

Helen: I like to wear two-pieces because it's easier to go topless.

Why Brassieres Were Invented

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Sexy Secretary

Sexy Secretary

We're pullin' for Agnes Poulin, one of the few strap-snapping models from Poland who have made it over to SCORELAND. At the office, Agnes is a saucy, shiny-eyed secretary busy at her desk, a Voluptuous vision wearing a top designed for max cleavage. Her naturally big knockers are a bosomy beacon for breast-men and office supply salesmen and a major distraction from the boredom of office life.

"I always wear a bra, of course," said this succulent secretary whose main job is to beautify the front office. "I don't always dress to show off my breasts. It depends on the occasion. Sometimes I wear a dress that shows cleavage." Agnes is new at modeling and said she was nervous but she could have fooled us.

And she has more talent besides showing off her tasty, titillating torso. "My special talent is to annoy everyone," Agnes said with a laugh.

Sexy Secretary

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Milly Marks: The Breast A Man Can Get

She's sexy, seductive, shapely, stunning and sensual. Curvy, cute, comely, caressible, cuddly and creamy. Busty, buxom, beauteous, built, bodacious and blossoming. Erotic, exotic, enticing, entrancing, enchanting and eyesome. Filled with the freshness of voluptuous youth, she loves lots of breast play and a good, hard man dedicated to satisfying her.

Milly Marks is dressed to thrill waiting for Alex to drop by. Her tight, red dress is low-cut. Bra-less Milly invites him in and while she's talking and moving, her heavy, hot hooters start to fall out of her dress. Sometimes it seems like they have a mind of their own.

Alex reaches out to feel this ultra-feminine fantasy fox's flawless flesh and gets busy while Milly reaches out to take hold of his bloating bone to give him oral that's out-of-this-world. She's the one to fulfill his fantasy of having a dream girl to passionately penetrate and pump. She makes their compatible copulation a wet and wild affair. She's no mirage, she's Milly Marks.

Milly Marks: The Breast A Man Can Get

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The Pryce Is Tight

Guys who know who Jordan Pryce is when they see her know what a sexbomb she is. Guys who don't know who Jordan Pryce is will find out real fast.

Jordan's threesome at SCORELAND exhausted her two partners. "When some guys come over, they ask to put my scenes on, get excited and have sex with me. Guys get hard straightaway watching my scenes and cum in minutes."

"My hobbies are modeling, dancing and traveling. Every month I travel somewhere. I like to go places, and everywhere I go, I have sex. Sometimes I will be out and I will find myself touching my nipples. People will be staring, and I will be like, 'Ooops!'

"My boobs are very sensitive, especially my nipples. I can give myself pleasure every time by playing with my nipples and rubbing my pussy, sometimes just by rubbing my nipples. Sometimes on a jet trip, I will find myself getting horny and want to rub my nipples and clit. If I can't wait, I will go to the lavatory and quietly rub my pussy fast until I cum. I have to make sure I don't leave a wet spot on my panties. Then I go back to my seat."

The Pryce Is Tight

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Desk Sex With The Big-Titted Supervisor

Busy, high-powered executive Karen Fisher has no time to waste. She's worked her way up the corporate ladder to the position of human resources supervisor at SCORE.

Karen can wear tight, stretchy tops with cleavage up to her chin, skirts so tight she can barely walk, let alone get her legs up on her desk, and sky-high heels. Today she is interviewing for a magazine truck driver who can unload the kind of big loads Karen needs unloaded, usually on her face or mouth or on her tits.

Mr. John C. is her first applicant of the day. Miss Fisher's first job test is to lick his chest and see how he tastes. She calls it the tongue test. Her method of fielding employees is a little unorthodox but to date no one has complained, even when one man was injured trying an unusual position Miss Fisher wanted.

Karen pre-qualifies John C. by feeling the logjam in his jeans. John proves to be an immediate hands-on type of guy, palming Miss Fisher's sweater-puppies and sucking her pointy nipples until they are erect and hard enough to cause damage if one poked him in the eye.

Digging around in the man's jeans, Miss Fisher is overjoyed to find her hand wrapped around a thick bolt and matching nuts and begins sucking it immediately as she sits on her chair. She expects a truck driver to bring his own tools so that's another step in the right direction. He lays back on Miss Fisher's desk so she can better suck and tit-bang his dick. This is all in a day's work for the busy blonde, but for this job applicant, it's the interview of a lifetime.

Desk Sex With The Big-Titted Supervisor

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Busty In Boots

Busty In Boots

Paola Rios doesn't seem the type to be a dominatrix but you can never tell about girls. They all have their little secrets, and being a model lets Paola explore her fantasies and fetishes.

When Paola goes out, she likes to dress casually. She attracts a lot of attention from guys when she goes about her business. "I like a guy to be a gentleman," Paola said. "I don't like it when a guy yells out comments about my boobs in the street or makes sounds with his mouth when I walk by. I won't even look because I don't want to reward that with my attention."

What is Paola's secret fantasy? Whipping guys?

"I would like to act in a telenovela [Latin TV soap opera]. I watch them all the time. I know that it will never happen but that's my fantasy."

Busty In Boots

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