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Shelby's First Tits, Tugs & BJ!

"I love coming to SCORE and showing off for you," Shelby Gibson commented when her previous scene was posted ("The Hot Wife Of A SCORE Reader.") "I can't believe that I am nominated for the 2015 Newcomer of the Year award. What if I could win? This solo set was fun but wait till you see my next set!"

That next set is Shelby's first time with a stunt-cock and for her, because she loves big ones, JMac gets the honors. The SCORELAND Blog of September 14, 2015 tipping us off to what was coming Shelby's way drew a whopping 58 comments.

Sitting ringside watching Mrs. Gibson wrap her big tits around the cock, Mr. Gibson himself later commented on that Blog, "Watching my wild wife in hot, torrid action was unreal! And I can confirm that she really did cum several times. And that Shelby and JMac kept up the action even when the cameras weren't rolling!"

The last time a Tits & Tugs generated this much excitement was when Crystal Gunns and Cindy Cupps' did their first and only Tits & Tugs videos. Shelby's the closing guest on SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 2 and talks about her first Tits & Tugs. If you haven't seen it, we recommend you click into it. This SCORE reader's wife lives a hot life.

SCORE: Mr. Gibson has taken both solo and hardcore photos and videos of you at home. What are the differences compared to the SCORE shoot with JMac?

Shelby: We have done a lot of pics and video ourselves but the SCORE shoot was something else. It was SOO MUCH HOTTER! Being with all professionals and knowing that I had a much bigger audience was such a TURN ON!! I love showing off and being the center of attention so the SCORE shoot was a long-time fantasy come true. Ever since I started looking at porn, I thought about being with a real porn stud and JMac was so nice and SO HOT! I actually started playing with him a bit off camera before the scene even started. The scene was better than I ever dreamed of!!

SCORE: What about girl-girl? Are there any American models you'd like to do a girl-girl with or even a girl-girl-boy threesome at SCORE?

Shelby: I have never had sex with a woman but it's something I would like to try. I would be much more interested in a girl-girl-boy threesome than a girl-girl though. I've never eaten pussy but licking another SCORE Girl with big boobs while getting pounded by a SCORE stud at the same time would be AMAZING!!

SCORE: You've mentioned that big cocks and more than one cock get you extra-horny? Are you interested in a girl-boy-boy? Have you done that at home?

Shelby: HELL YEAH!! I would ABSOLUTELY be interested in a BBG at SCORE!! Big cocks and more than one cock at a time definitely gets me EXTRA horny. My husband has a big cock which I love and we have done some BBG's at home taking lots of pics which were a blast. But the other "talent" hasn't quite measured up so I've never really had two BIG cocks at once. I'm sure that SCORE could arrange that though! I've never had sex with more than two men and would really want to try that. My husband doesn't think that SCORE has ever done a BBBG so maybe I could be the first??!!

SCORE: Is there anything motivating or energizing that came from the shoot? How did you feel immediately afterwards?

Shelby: Oh, yes! I felt AMAZING afterwards. It was incredible being the center of all that attention. It was so wonderful for my self-confidence. Having that much fun showing off in front of my husband and the camera and the fans and making a hot young porn stud cum on me was SO EMPOWERING!! I am so glad I did it and if things are set-up right, I want to do more.

SCORE: Are there any favorite scenes on SCORELAND you would like to try yourself?

Shelby: I especially like the location shoots outside and at the beautiful homes. My husband showed me a set from years ago of Busty Dusty with SCUBA gear. I'm a certified diver and have all my own equipment and would love to do a SCUBA themed shoot on a beach or a dive boat. There's all sorts of fun I could have with the regulator and other dive gear in my mouth and between my tits, etc. I also know that JMac in real life likes free-diving so a dive themed BG set with him would be FUN!! We could do solos and BG on the same shoot.

SCORE: Do you like to role play in costumes? Do you get into character?

Shelby: I don't really like costumes. I like being naked or dressed provocatively showing off my assets. As my husband says, the best costume is one that I've taken off. The character I like to get into is me letting go and being myself and wild and free.

SCORE: You've read all of the previous compliments from earlier shoots. Any words for the SCORE guys about this scene?

Shelby: I do read all the comments and really appreciate them. It's an extra turn-on knowing that the guys are watching me and like what they see. I'd like to tell the guys how much FUN I had with this scene with JMac. I hadn't planned ahead of time on going as far as I did but once we got going I just let myself go and wanted to go even further. JMac and I were both so turned on that we kept going at it even when the cameras weren't rolling!! I can't wait to come back and fuck him!!

Shelby's First Tits, Tugs & BJ!

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Shelby's First Tits, Tugs & BJ!

This is the big moment. Shelby Gibson is back for her first Tits & Tugs & BJ and JMac is the lucky recipient of her generosity. As Shelby said talking to SCOREtv host Dave in Season 2 Episode 2, "I get to suck big cock today." Asked how she prepared for the scene you're about to see, Shelby said she practiced at home with Mr. Gibson.

Shelby is awesome from the beginning of this scene to the explosive climax. Tits & Tugs are usually shot P.O.V. There's P.O.V. throughout but not all of it is shot first-person. From talking and teasing to sandwiching cock between her great, big tits to deep sucking, Shelby is worth the wait because she's so great. Thank you, Shelby and Mr. Gibson.

SCORE: Shelby, what prompted you to take this next step? Was it the fans who kept hoping and asking? Your desires? Mr. Gibson's? All of the above?

Shelby: A long time fantasy of mine has been to have fun with a real porn stud. My husband really encouraged me too because he loves watching me show off. And then when I read how much the fans wanted me to do it I decided to go for it! So I guess it's all of the above.

SCORE: You have great on-camera personality in both the solos and this scene. How did you prepare yourself before the shoot? Or did you not "prepare?"

Shelby: I really didn't prepare. I really love showing off and being the center of attention so interacting with the camera and the fans is a real turn on. I have to put on a show in my sales job so I'm used to it from that point of view. And my husband and I have taken a lot of pics and video so I really like playing to the camera.

SCORE: Did Mr. Gibson observe the action during the shoot?

Shelby: Absolutely! That was a big part of the fun! Doing it in front of him and the camera is a BIG turn on for both of us.

SCORE: Are you interested in going even further the next time at SCORE?

Shelby: DEFINITELY! But only if I can be with the right guys. If I can fuck JMac my first time back then count me in! Or count him in... me. I would love to play with more young porn studs with big cocks in front of my husband and the camera. I would actually like to see if I could have a "second career" in porn.

SCORE: Did you and Mr. Gibson talk about the scene later on?

Shelby: Talk about it? We did a LOT more than talk about it! We were both so turned on that we really went at it when we got back to our hotel room after the shoot. My husband was 20 years old again the way he pounded me and came multiple times! And we still talk about it and get turned on. Can't wait to see the scene!

Shelby's First Tits, Tugs & BJ!

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The Hot Wife Of A SCORE Reader

We're very happy that Shelby Gibson is back at SCORE. It was a surprise to find out that this SCORE reader's stacked wife Shelby wanted to go much, much hotter, and a very welcomed surprise it was. Shelby's Tits, Tug and Tongue scene will be announced on the SCORELAND Blog.

What's a sure-fire way to get on Shelby's good side?

"Be nice, be complimentary, make me laugh and have a nice ass," says slim-n-stacked Shelby who considers her best features to be her "eyes, boobs, legs and big pussy lips." She's one of the few who goes au naturel when most girls are shaved or otherwise depilated these days, another feature that's excited many SCORE guys.

"I love wearing sexy, revealing clothes that show my ample cleavage and show my legs and my CFM high heels," says Shelby, who's talked in previous scenes about what kind of swimsuits she likes to wear that drive onlookers crazy.

Shelby chats with Dave in episode 2 of SCOREtv Season 2. Claudia Marie is another super-stacked guest. Check the Blog for more news about that show.

The Hot Wife Of A SCORE Reader

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The Hot Wife Of A SCORE Reader

Shelby Gibson is back at SCORELAND and when the Blog announced her forthcoming return, it lit up with anxious comments about when she's reappearing.

Shelby will be interviewed by Dave on the SCOREtv set and she returns soon for her first Tits, Tugs, and Tongue scene. Originally, Shelby was going to do a Tits & Tugs scene but things got a little carried away. Just a boob boff and jack would have been awesome but she wanted to give JMac a blow job also. He licked her pussy too.

Commented Shelby, "I was SOOO EXCITED TO SUCK COCK for you on-camera for the very first time ever!!"

Wife of a longtime SCORE reader, Shelby has her own formula for domestic bliss. "I take good care of him, cook for him, clean for him. He takes care of me, provides for me, comforts me and keeps me safe. In bed, he gets great blow jobs and he licks my pussy good and pounds me hard with his big cock."

Love, American-style. Life is good when a SCORE Girl is your wife.

The Hot Wife Of A SCORE Reader

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The Good Busty Wife

"Every man likes a big-tit woman in a tight sweater," says a bouncy, busty Shelby Gibson, happily ready to burst her buttons with good cheer. That's the spirit! And, as a big-tit woman who wears tight sweaters and other tops nearly every day, Shelby has no problem getting attention.

Shelby has a great rapport on-camera and she has a natural talent for eye-banging. She makes you feel like she is speaking directly to you as she tries on different form-fitting sweaters. Going bra or sweater shopping with Shelby (if you could sit in the dressing room) is only one of a number of activities that must be a life-changing experience. This video is kinda like that experience.

Shelby does one of the best sweater shows ever filmed and her personality is a major reason why. All good things must come to, not an ending, but a transition so Shelby takes off her jeans to show off her curly triangle below. (You don't see fur pieces often these days.) Then this good busty SCORE wife gets comfy on the couch so she can open her thick-lipped, pink pussy and deeply finger-bang herself. She'd like you to jack out a load as an expression of lust for her but just don't do it at work or when operating a motor vehicle.

Shelby's previous three appearances and an introductory sneak peek have drawn more than the usual number of comments and not just one sentence comments. Some of them are very lengthy which Shelby says she finds extra-flattering.

The Good Busty Wife

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The Good Busty Wife

Writes SCORELAND guy DrJohn: "Shelby is the perfect Hot Wife and WILF: gorgeous appearance, spectacular body, lovely smile, genuine personality both warm and VERY naughty. She should wear her rings to emphasize her very naughty Hot Wife status, and SCORE should feature her OFTEN. But Shelby, if they film you with any guys, make sure they're worthy of you."

Shelby Gibson. Big tits, a slim body, gym-conditioned ass, a patch of thatch above her snatch (hard to find these days) and thick pussy lips. With her beaming smile, this SCORE guy's wife bangs you with her eyes. She wouldn't be here without encouragement at home.

Surprisingly, none of the comments about Shelby have mentioned those outstanding pussy lips. Years ago at SCORELAND, there was an informal "Big Lips Club" that used to write in, often sending lengthy letters and asking us to find girls who fit their ideal. They loved girls like Dawn Phoenix who would pull and stretch their bigger than average angel wings.

In this installment of the Shelby Show, the hot brunette wifey tries on tight sweaters before heading south and fapping her curly coochie. Shelby grants permission to jack along.

SCORE: Shelby, what's your favorite sexual position?
Shelby: "I like getting pounded from behind while I'm wearing high heels."

SCORE: What's best in foreplay?
Shelby: "Oral sex, both giving and getting. I definitely swallow. I love cum. After playing with it, I always swallow."

SCORE: Your kinkiest moment, if any?
Shelby: "Giving a hand job in a car in a parking lot."

SCORE: Ever had sex outdoors?
Shelby: "Yes, it happened during a nature walk. No one saw us...at least I don't think so."

Thank you, Shelby Gibson.

The Good Busty Wife

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