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Sperm Bank Nurse Collects Jizz With Her Tits

There is a place called Mammary Lane at SCORELAND where gorgeous nurses keep the vault of a sperm bank stocked with the extracts of bloated balls. The beautiful and busty Nurse Cassandra Calogera discovers that Enzo is having a wee bit of trouble in one of the private rooms where the patients release their loads into the collection cups the nurses provide. Getting hard is no problem. It's getting the stuff out that's the issue, even though the nurse provided SCORE magazine issues for his jacking stimulation.

No problem. Nurse Cassandra is here to help. She opens her uniform to show the donor her delicious cleavage, then opens it more and more, getting totally naked but leaving her high heels on. She jerks and strokes Enzo's bloated shaft with her sweet little hands while he watches and, upping the excitement, she squeezes his boner between her big tits until it erupts like a Texas oil well. Using her little cup to collect the nut, Nurse Calogera smiles over her job well-done.

Sperm Bank Nurse Collects Jizz With Her Tits

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Sperm Bank Nurse Collects Jizz With Her Tits

Nurse Cassandra Calogera is here to help out a patient in this heartwarming scene from Mammary Lane. You see, Enzo is trying to donate his nut-fluid at the sperm bank, but he's having trouble even though nurse Cassandra gave him some copies of SCORE to jack to. She checks up on him and sees he has trouble.

It's up to Nurse Cassandra to cum to his rescue with her dainty, but obviously strong, hands jerking him off in different ways. To facilitate the ball-draining extraction process, Nurse Cassandra milks Enzo's cock between her tasty tits because hand jobs can be tiring. Her technique is superb and Enzo spews his heavy load on the nurse's bouncing boobs. Using the provided paper cup, she gathers the cum off of her tits, satisfied that she got every drop.

Sperm Bank Nurse Collects Jizz With Her Tits

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Billie Jean: Big Tit Sex Queen

SCORELAND: What were some of the strip clubs you danced in?

Billie Jean Austin: I danced in the top strip clubs, like The Men's Club, The Dollhouse and The Lodge. Then later, I worked at Spearmint Rhino.

SCORELAND: Did you dance fully nude or topless? What did you prefer?

Billie Jean Austin: Nude but I preferred topless because it left something to the imagination. I love to tease and be sexy. At one club, they offered shower shows for big groups of men to watch. It was nude. It was very fun getting all soapy and wet.

SCORELAND: Did you do lap or table dancing?

Billie Jean Austin: Lap dancing.

SCORELAND: Describe a Billie Jean Austin dance on-stage.

Billie Jean Austin: I would be wearing a cowboy hat and a pair of chaps with my ass hanging out, dancing topless to White Horse by PomoMofo.

SCORELAND: What is the best way for a newcomer to learn exotic dancing?

Billie Jean Austin: I think someone new and entering the strip club world should have fun and be confident. When I'd have a packed club and I'd get nervous, I would pretend I was dancing alone in a dark room.

Billie Jean: Big Tit Sex Queen

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Billie Jean: Big Tit Sex Queen

SCORELAND: Billie Jean, do some women get jealous of your looks and boobs?

Billie Jean Austin: When I'm out and about, every now and then I get the "I hate you look" from women, but, most of the time, I get the curious women and girls that come up and ask me what size my boobs are. They say they're beautiful and ask if they can feel them. I always reply "Yes." Just the other night, I had a strange, somewhat attractive woman in a bar ask me if I wanted to fuck!

SCORELAND: Do you like looking into a mirror during sex or masturbation?

Billie Jean Austin: I like sex in front of a mirror. I used to have a canopy bed that had eight mirrors up-top. I miss that bed.

SCORELAND: Do you masturbate at home? In your bedroom or in the shower? Fingers or toys?

Billie Jean Austin: I masturbate all over the house with dildos and vibrators.

SCORELAND: Do you drive a car? Do the shoulder belts fit you comfortably?

Billie Jean Austin: I drive a truck right now. I always wear a seatbelt, but with these big girls, it's always snug.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex in a car?

Billie Jean Austin: I had hot sex in my truck at a fast food drive-thru, and as I was cumming, I placed my order.

SCORELAND: Thank you, Billie Jean.

Billie Jean: Big Tit Sex Queen

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Candy Alexa Has a Sweet Spot for Dick

Candy Alexa has a hot date with Michael Fly ... as soon as he stops standing around the fireplace while she waits on the couch. Candy is dressed in sexy lingerie and ready to get her hot nipples cooled off by his tongue, and her mouth and sweet, tight cunt stretched by his jumbo cock.

SCORELAND: Candy, do you take charge or do you prefer to let the guy take charge?

Candy Alexa: It depends on my partner.

SCORELAND: How often do you have sex?

Candy Alexa: Almost every day.

SCORELAND: Your favorite fucking positions are...?

Candy Alexa: I like spooning and missionary.

SCORELAND: And foreplay? Any favorites?

Candy Alexa: A lot of touching and rubbing.

SCORELAND: What about girls?

Candy Alexa: I like only girls who smell good.

SCORELAND: Do you spit or swallow when you give a blow job?

Candy Alexa: It depends on the taste of his sperm.

Candy Alexa Has a Sweet Spot for Dick

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Candy Alexa Has a Sweet Spot for Dick

While Michael Fly is tending to the fireplace, Candy Alexa sits on the couch and waits for him to give her the big dick-down. She's dressed in some of her sexiest lingerie for this moment.

When Michael walks over to Candy, she shakes her big tits at him, looking eager to get her nipples sucked and licked. Michael gets busy on Candy's sweet nips and then pulls his stiff cock out for Candy to suck and squeeze between her jugs.

Candy never stops eye-banging Michael, whether he's filling her mouth with cock or his finger or fucking her cleavage. Squeezing his dick into her tight pussy and fucking her hard makes Candy close her eyes and open her mouth in a dreamy state of erotic pleasure. When Michael is about to shoot his nut all over her breasts, Candy opens her eyes to watch the gift she is about to receive.

Candy Alexa Has a Sweet Spot for Dick

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