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Lollypop is a Sucker For a Big Dick

Lollypop Gcup is eager for a workout session with Peter Fitzwell. They begin on a terrace high above the streets of Miami. Peter starts Lollypop off with some leg and back stretches. She sees him glancing at her big boobs and teases him, encouraging him to feel her tits. And so he does. That ends the workout session.

They decide to go inside the apartment and get to know each other a whole lot better in the bedroom. Lollypop gets even more excited when she sees how big and stiff she makes Peter. He sucks on her tits and plays with her toned ass cheeks. Lollypop pops Peter's pole in her mouth and worships it. He moves his cock down to her cleavage and fucks Lollypop's boobs.

"I'm ready," Lollypop says. Peter positions Lollypop on her hands and knees and pistons her tight pussy from behind. After riding the dick in both directions, Lollypop gets fucked sideways and on her back. Peter wedges his pole between her boobs and fucks them one more time before laying his man-cream on her lovely face.

Lollypop has loads of horny, big-tit energy and a bubbly, bouncy personality. She likes to chat, tease and talk dirty before, during and after their post-workout fling. The girl loves sex, the hotter and harder, the better.

Lollypop is a Sucker For a Big Dick

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