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Rhea Creates: Big Boobs Cure Stiff Necks

Having a pain in the neck is a pain in the neck unless you've got a hands-on busty girlfriend like the lovely Rhea Creates. When Nicky Rebel gets home, his neck is stiff so he asks sexy redhead Rhea to lend him a hand and straighten him out. Instead of a hand, she massages him with her big tits.

This transfers the stiffness from his neck to his dick, and off they go sucking and fucking...because a hard-on is a terrible thing to waste. It's a miracle! Nicky is cured and Rhea gets to enjoy cock time.

We asked Rhea about sex outdoors.

"Oh, yeah, I have," Rhea said. "Once under Burnside Bridge in Portland, several times in cars, and lots and lots in the woods. It's great fun. Most recently, my boyfriend and I went on a hike and got back to the car after dark, so we got in the back seat and I sucked his dick for a while before bouncing on him until we got caught by another hiker returning to his car!"

Rhea Creates: Big Boobs Cure Stiff Necks

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