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 Rhea Creates: Big Boobs Cure Stiff Necks

When your neck is feeling stiff, the best cure is getting a neck massage by a big-boobed girl. We would not steer you wrong. Nicky Rebel is suffering from this condition, but here comes Rhea Creates to his rescue with a boob rubdown on the afflicted body part. This holistic approach transfers the stiffness to his junk. Rhea gets on his bloated shaft, lowering the rigidity in her own special way. The consensus of the editors at The SCORE Group is that Rhea has next-level sexual talents.

Rhea's favorite position:

"I really enjoy cowgirl and doggy. I love most rear-entry positions."

Foreplay Rhea enjoys:

"Rubbing my clit and the areas on both sides of it, having my nipples sucked on and played with, getting to suck on a dick, and sort of lording my boobs over my partner to tease him right as I get ready for penetration."

We asked Rhea to tell us about a past experience that made a big impression on her.

"I think that would be when my boyfriend and I had been long distance for seven months," Rhea remembered. "He flew down to drive me back home with him. It was Valentine's day and I picked him up from the airport with a butt plug in my ass. It had a fox tail hanging off of it. And I wore a short skirt so people could see the tail hanging out from under my hem.

"I picked him up from the airport and sat on his lap the whole ride to my apartment on public transit. When we got to my apartment, we couldn't hold back. He fucked my face, which I just loved. I used a rope to make a makeshift harness so he could grip me more easily and then he fucked my pussy until I came so hard, I couldn't hold onto the butt plug. I rolled over and he switched to my ass and fucked me until I came several times. It was so sexy. A wonderful reunion."

 Rhea Creates: Big Boobs Cure Stiff Necks

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