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Mariza Rabbit: Big Tit Texan

Are you eager for a smokin'-hot babe with huge tits, pancake-size areolae and an ass that stops traffic? Mariza Rabbit is a slim and stacked Latina hottie with mega-boobs and a bodacious butt that's going to punch your ticket for a non-stop ride. Mariza is from San Antonio, Texas and lives in Las Vegas.

SCORELAND: People must freeze when they see you.

Mariza Rabbit: 100%! I love to watch guys adjust themselves when they see me walk by. Everywhere I go, I get stares and I love it because it makes me feel super-sexy.

SCORELAND: What's something we'd never guess about you?

Mariza Rabbit: I can pick things up with my feet and I can make men get erections without even touching them.

SCORELAND: The second one was easy to guess. After we get to see your boob show, you're going to play with your coochie.

Mariza Rabbit: I masturbate every day, I have a big clit and it rubs against my panties. I have to masturbate or else I can't think straight!

SCORELAND: What do you do in your spare time?

Mariza Rabbit: I love watching '90s cartoons and I like to go to the library and the planetarium.

SCORELAND: An astronomer should name a new star after you. Thanks for coming to SCORELAND.

Mariza Rabbit: Big Tit Texan

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