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The Busty Hitcher

So you're driving along a lonely road when you spot her. Double wow! Is this a mirage? Are you tired and sleep-driving? A beautiful blonde dressed in a casual-sexy outfit is on the shoulder with her thumb out. She looks exactly like SCORE and Voluptuous Girl Rockell. What luck!

You stop and pull over. How can you help? The blonde hitcher with a big smile comes over to the passenger window. Her car's broken down and she needs a lift. She was on her way to a photo shoot. This is too good to be true. Rockell gets in the back seat, and after some chat, you're getting a view to a thrill in your rear view mirror.

SCORELAND: Hi Rockell, welcome back. What did you think of this hitcher shoot? Have you ever taken photos inside a car like this?

Rockell: I thought the hitcher scene was very different from anything I have ever done, honestly. I would love to know who thought of this scene and thought this would be sexy. I had a lot of fun shooting it with the crew. Jose, the photographer, always keeps me cracking up. I love it when you can be yourself. It definitely shows through.

SCORELAND: Our editors came up with the idea. We've done it several times before. Did any passing drivers notice you in the car or on the shoulder?

Rockell: Yep, they got them an eyeful! Ha-ha, I loved it. It's all about having fun, you know!

The Busty Hitcher

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