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Elaina Gregory's Incredible Tight Titty Top Try-Outs

There are few greater pleasures for the true tit-fanatic than the simple act of a girl with tits of exceptional size, shape and quality trying on the tightest and skimpiest tops she can get her boobs into. In Elaina Gregory's Incredible Tight Titty Top Tryouts, the Voluptuous goddess squeezed, stuffed and jiggled her 34N-cups into a variety of skintight tops that barely have enough fabric for a hand towel. (Which is something that might come in handy watching Elaina manipulate her mouthwatering melons in this video and the matching photo series.)

Wearing second-skin jeggings that cling to her rounded ass and shapely legs like plastic wrap, Elaina tries on a series of low-cut, high-riding tops: a strapless one that is in immediate danger of slipping down; several that can't hide her protruding nipples; some that offer tantalizing views of the often under-appreciated under-cleavage, which is created by a top that's too short and can't cover the entire bust. There's a saying here at SCORELAND that a girl's clothing should be "Too tight, too short and too low." These are words to live by.

Elaina's a breast connoisseur herself. Those nipples of hers could dial a telephone. Elaina slips off her checkered brassiere and those pencil-eraser nipples are rock hard and sticking out an inch even before Elaina removes the bra to tweak them. She has exceptional nipples! For those of you who also love bush gardens, Elaina's sported a triangular slice of fuzzy fur pie that will complete your joy. After her fashion show, she gets totally naked and rubs out the forest fire. No one gets burned when Elaina is here to get hands-on.

Elaina Gregory's Incredible Tight Titty Top Try-Outs

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