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Deep Inside Jessy Bunny

If three times is a charm, then boning Jessy Bunny four times is like winning the huge-tit lottery. This is Czech stud Tom's fourth time schtupping German bimbo queen Jessy and sucking her uber-boobs. He was the first to fuck Jessy at SCORELAND and has enjoyed her fantasy-girl body in each of her bimbofication stages. Has she finished her breast expansion? We don't know and we can't predict. She has a fun Youtube channel where she informs her followers about events in the world of Jessy.

"I thought my scene was superhot. I got way more confident sexually since I started making them," wrote Jessy, who moved from Austria to Mallorca, an island off the coast of Spain. "I am way more open about my sexuality and I directly let the guy know what I want. I feel like a real porn goddess when I'm watching them."

SCORELAND: Do you ever pleasure yourself looking at your videos and photos?

Jessy Bunny: Sometimes to re-imagine that hot scene. Like how the guy fucked me. How he pleasured my moist pussy. These videos are like the only possibility for me to see my body in different angles so it turns me on even more. Seeing my pussy in a close-up, seeing my big fake tits bounce. I love that.

SCORELAND: Have there been any favorite places for sex?

Jessy Bunny: Yes, on the beach, in a plane and in the sea.

SCORELAND: What makes you horny?

Jessy Bunny: My boobs!

SCORELAND: What should a guy do if he wants to meet you?

Jessy Bunny: Own a cute dog.

Deep Inside Jessy Bunny

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Deep Inside Jessy Bunny

Tom Holland is in the bedroom taking a call when one of the world's leading bimbofication disciples, Jessica "Jessy Bunny" Bunnington, walks in with a tray. Now a brunette, Jessy is dressed in lingerie that looks like an outfit a waitress would wear in a hotsy-totsy strip club. Naturally, Tom quickly puts the tray aside, just like you would, because a man must climb every mountain. Mountains, in this situation. He and Jessy have some super-sized boob games to play before they get busy sucking and fucking.

Jessy lowers the straps of her bustier and the sheer teddy that covers it, giving Tom an all-access pass to her incredible super tits. They're his to lick, touch and rub. That brings a smile of satisfaction to Jessy's lips. She loves to have her breasts worshipped. You've got to suck them like you mean it. Her life is all about the biggest tits.

Jessy hovers over Tom and takes his fat dick out of his pants to hold in her hands and stick in her mouth. He straddles Jessy's colossal chest and fucks her cleavage and turns her over on her hands and knees. Spreading her ass cheeks apart, Jessy feels his cock filling her young pussy.

This is Tom's fourth time with Jessy. He was the first of the Czech studs to make it with the German fantasy doll when she was beginning her boobification, and he fucked her during her progressively bigger stages of breast expansion. He knows how deep Jessy likes it.

Deep Inside Jessy Bunny

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