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The Fox Report

Outdoors and wearing a SCORE top and short skirt or indoors measuring her slim and stacked body, Dolly Fox rocks. Watch the Bonus video The Fox Report and check out her chat with our photographer.

SCORE: Dolly, how big were your boobs before you had them augmented?

Dolly: From mother nature, I got 75C. After my first implants, I was 75DD and after the second implants I was 75G. These are European sizes.

SCORE: How big are your boobs now?

Dolly: After my third and current implants, which are 2000cc, I'm a 75HH

SCORE: Are you planning to go bigger?

Dolly: Yes, around the end of the year, I will go bigger.

SCORE: Is someone close to you a SCORE fan who encouraged you to model?

Dolly: My husband is a fan of SCORE from the beginning and now his dream has come true...his own SCORE Girl!

SCORE: The goal of many. Before we photographed you, had you read copies of SCORE magazine or looked at the girls on the website?

Dolly: Yes, we have a lot of SCORE magazines and we browse the site from time to time.

The Fox Report

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Dolly Busts Out

Meet Dolly Fox, a new SCORE Girl living in Belgium, originally from Lithuania. According to our records, Dolly is our first big-bust model from either nation. She said that SCORE and the SCORE Girls motivated and inspired her.

Dolly's hobbies are modeling, sex and shopping, not in that order. Her favorite sport is "in the bedroom," so we can rule out ice hockey.

Now we play "getting to know Dolly Fox."

SCORE: Dolly, what kind of work did you do before deciding to model?

Dolly: I was a waitress.

SCORE: Do you want to model full-time?

Dolly: Yes, I would love to build a career with modeling.

SCORE: What prompted you to model?

Dolly: I like the attention from men and women and it's also much fun to do. They always say that you have the best job when it doesn't feel like working, and that's what I found in modeling.

SCORE: Do you have any favorite big-bust models who have inspired you?

Dolly: Oh, yes, and the list is long! Minka is my all-time favorite, but I like almost all big bust models.

SCORE: Do you admire any big-boob models past or present?

Dolly: Minka, Amy Anderssen, Lolo Ferrari, Bella French, Lisa Lipps, Penelope Black Diamond, Kayla Kleevage and so many more...

SCORE: Do you communicate with any other big-boob models?

Dolly: Yes, I am making more and more contacts with other big bust models.

SCORE: Which big-boob models would you like to meet face-to-face?

Dolly: Minka, Kayla Kleevage, Amy Anderssen, Bella French and all the other girls on SCORELAND.

Dolly Busts Out

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Dolly Busts Out

"I'm a long-time fan of SCORE myself," says newcomer Dolly Fox. That always makes us feel we're doing things right. Attractive, slim, stacked, blonde, leggy... Dolly has the looks, tits and sexy body to go far. It's great to hear that Dolly has been following us and is a fan of the SCORE Girls. Now Dolly's a SCORE Girl herself with her web debut and she will be making her print magazine debut in the January 2016 edition.

Born in Lithuania and making her home in Belgium, Dolly loves dressing to direct attention right to her chest. We've seen some of her public photos at comic book conventions and other places and her success rate in that goal is 100%. "I get mostly positive attention from men and women and I love it," said Dolly, who wants to supersize her tits even more.

SCORE: Dolly, the outfits, bras, panties and shoes in your SCORE shoots--those are your personal clothes?

Dolly: Most of the clothes are mine and all of the shoes are mine. I'm crazy about high heels

SCORE: Do you wear these outfits in public also?

Dolly: Some of them yes. I never try to hide my boobs. I like to show what I have.

In this introduction, Dolly goes for the naughty coed look in a skimpy, plaid two-piece and, on the subject of supersizing, what she does in this video will supersize your junk. Include her sexy accent in the mix--Dolly's English is excellent--and you've got newcomer nirvana. Welcome, Dolly Fox!

Dolly Busts Out

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The Fox Report

Between photo shoots, Dolly Fox and a photographer have a "Boob Talk." They also go outside so Dolly can run around, stretch a SCORE tank-top and show her sexy legs in a micro-skirt. Back indoors, Dolly tape-measures herself.

SCORE: Dolly, what's your favorite fantasy?

Dolly: Three big-busted girls in a hot tub!

SCORE: You played with your pussy in the video. Do you masturbate at home?

Dolly: Yes, all the time.

SCORE: Do you have any interest in shooting boy-girl videos?

Dolly: For the moment no, but I would like to do a lot of girl-girl with other big bust models. They can even be girl-girl-girl and more.

SCORE: Do you have any plans to visit the United States?

Dolly: Yes, I'm planning to come to the USA in 2016. I would really like to visit the SCORE studios in Miami. I would also like to meet other big bust models. But my dream is to live in the USA!

The Fox Report

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Sex With A Covergirl

The postal carrier has screwed up and left Cat Bangles' mail at JMac's house. The usual junk mail plus one plastic-covered Voluptuous magazine with Cat on the cover. Being the gentleman when a hot lady is concerned, JMac promptly knocks on her door and is invited in by an excited Cat. She loves seeing her pictures in SCORE and Voluptuous. She collects her mags.

Cat tells JMac he can open the wrapper and look inside. That he eagerly does. It's his second time meeting Cat. He was her first on-camera fuck but there was nothing he could teach this hot pussycat from Boston about being bad to the bone.

Said Cat about her first time ("Hot Cream For A Cat"), "His cock was huge. I kept saying how he was so big. But I took it all. He loved it, of course. He said it was awesome and that my pussy was nice and tight. Nice and tight like a little star. It was a great scene. But I took it all down my throat. He couldn't control himself. He had to stop to keep himself from coming. He tapped out three times, actually. I've heard that he's never met his match and that he's been having sex with girls on-camera for a long time. Apparently, a lot of girls can't handle him. He couldn't handle me with my tight pussy, wet mouth and these tits."

Cat invites JMac upstairs to her bedroom, excited by his excitement. It's time to get reacquainted, and when they do, it's a hard-humping, power-pounding, deep-dicking, thump-pumping fuck show with Cat's inspirational cover issue on the bed next to them. With Cat urging him on and making horny tongue gestures, JMac sprays a massive load in her face and mouth. She spits it out on her big tits, licks it up, spits it out again, sucks his dick again and licks up as much cum as she can get. In the rematch of the battle of the sexes between the 305 and the 617 (Miami vs. Boston), it's a tie.

Sex With A Covergirl

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Sex With A Covergirl

Someone's knocking on Cat Bangles' door. Hey, it's JMac, her first porn-cock when she debuted at SCORELAND. He's got her mail in his hand including a copy of Voluptuous magazine and guess who's the covergirl. The mail carrier accidentally dropped her mail off at his place. His loss because now he doesn't get to meet her. JMac has a "Holy shit! Look who it is" expression when Cat opens her door. Yes, it's a small world but the tits are big and Cat is blessed with a pair of the biggest and nicest tits a guy could find. And JMac's a guy who appreciates big tits.

Cat invites him in, excited over his excitement. She lets him pull the magazine out of the plastic wrapper and flip to her pictorial. Her big tits, nestled in her low-cut top, hover inches from his face. She invites him upstairs to renew their friendship. Cat wants a rematch with his cock and Cat knows how to get what she wants. The power of the boobies is impossible to resist.

Up in the bedroom, Cat and JMac almost break the bed with a furious fuck. Cat's pussy is wet and hot and grips his cock tight as he plows deep into her, pulls out and thrusts back in again. Cat's pretty face and mounds of joy are destined for a creamy rinse. She will lick up all that spilled cum, too.

Most SCORELAND Girls watch their videos and look at their pictorials. And a few even write in the comment sections, like Tigerr Benson. What does Cat say about them?

"I love them. I was amazed by how sexy the photos are. I even masturbate often to my own photos. I can't stop looking at them."

Our kind of girl. Thank you, Cat Bangles.

Sex With A Covergirl

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