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Nurse Demmy's Big Power Boobs

Have you got a medical issue? Demmy Blaze is the girl you need. She's an angel of mercy with 34H pillows. She's worth a stay at the hospital.

A chat with Demmy was the right medicine.

SCORELAND: Hello, Demmy. How did you get into modeling? Did someone recommend you try it?

Demmy: That was such a long time ago. When I studied at university, one SCORELAND model added me on a social media site and asked me if I would like to make shootings for SCORELAND, but I couldn't imagine that I could do so well at modeling work. I didn't stop to think about it. Finally, in 2016, I decided to try it so I traveled to your photographers in the Czech Republic.

SCORELAND: What do guys ask you to do on your webcam?

Demmy: Usually guys ask me for boob action. So that is very easy for me. I don't get tired of doing cam shows.

SCORELAND: Are any models an inspiration to you?

Demmy: I'm very serious about working as a model and sometimes very critical of myself. Of course, I look at the work of other models and take all the best from that. I choose the most-successful models, like Hitomi, Sha Rizel and Alexya.

SCORELAND: If you had not become a model, what kind of job do you think you would have?

Demmy: In my study years, I dreamed about being a customs officer and that's why I was a good student.

SCORELAND: You would be a good customs officer. Everyone would obey you. If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Demmy: I would like a T-shirt that reads: "Big Power Boobs."

SCORELAND: That's a good one.

Nurse Demmy's Big Power Boobs

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Nurse Demmy's Big Power Boobs

Nurses. Angels of mercy. Saviors of the sick. Here at Hooter Hospital, only the finest nurses are chosen. Our standards are high and stiff. That's why we need nurses.

We played the game of getting to know Demmy. Her goal is to become the best model she can be and she has the ambition, the looks and the boobs to do it.

SCORELAND: So Demmy, what do you like to do most on a free night?

Demmy: In my free time, I like to spend the day with a friend or a group of friends. I like to go to some music concerts or just relax in cafes. Also I like cinema and traveling.

SCORELAND: When you were shooting in Prague, did you have time to see the city?

Demmy: Yes, I walked around the city when I arrived from the airport. I think that Prague is a most-amazing city with nice people. I made selfies until the energy in my phone died. I went into the first shop I saw and asked the woman to call a taxi and she helped me for nothing. Very beautiful city with romantic-looking places.

SCORELAND: Yes, very storybook buildings. Do you have any girlfriends with big boobs like yours?

Demmy: In Ukraine, many women have big breasts and I have some friends with big boobs, but not so big like I have.

SCORELAND: You are also a bra and lingerie spokesmodel for Brazerie, a lingerie company in Odessa. Tell us about that.

Demmy: That was so surprising for me. I went to the Brazerie shop to buy some nice lingerie for myself. The boss of that shop was there and she was a very communicative lady. I told her that I have a hobby to make photo shootings and I showed her some of my pics. She asked for my phone number and soon called me for work to model their bras and lingerie. The videos are on Youtube. They are so professional and tell me what my right bra size is and choose for me very comfortable lingerie. Now I only buy lingerie there for my shootings and for gym and swimsuits.

SCORELAND: We have seen the Brazerie videos. Very nice!

Nurse Demmy's Big Power Boobs

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The Big, Hot Tits of Paige Turner

Paige Turner gets a generous measure of love from the more vocal SCORELAND guys. The rest are too occupied with jacking to express their love with comments.

For example: "Paige is one of the best models to come to SCORELAND. She has a perfect voluptuous body. She's beautiful. Her hardcore scenes are the best. Please, Paige, give us more. We will never get tired of watching you fuck!"

This scene is shot P.O.V-style and is straight-on action without the storylines of her previous sexcapades, "A Soft Girl For Two Hard Men," and "Bangin' The Window Washer." Paige jumps Peter and gets to suckin' and breast-bangin' his cock right away.

There are some very hot high-angle camera shots later on that properly display most of Paige's Voluptuous body as she's pumped. Always a passionate girl, Paige spends a lot of time blowing and tit-fucking Peter. It's total cock-worship.

"I love watching my videos when I'm home," Paige said. "I watch them by myself. I love blow jobs and tit-fucking. Seriously, I've gotten hornier since I started doing porn at SCORE."

The Big, Hot Tits of Paige Turner

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The Big, Hot Tits of Paige Turner

Paige Turner is horny for stiff wood, as always. She never fails to bring the heat. There were times with Paige when one guy was not enough and we had to draft another player for a tag-team game.

Paige prides herself on massaging cock with her super-voluptuous tits. A technique she refers to as "the Russian Experience," and prides herself on her vacuum-force blow jobs. "I love to deep throat hard cock," Paige said. "I would rather a guy cum on my tits than in my mouth or on my face but I thought Jimmy and Bambino giving me a facial in our threesome was really hot."

Paige puts on sexy lingerie, her huge, heavy hooters barely contained, and jumps Peter from the snap. There's no time for small talk. She's on his cock right away, sucking, jerking and tit-fucking it with gusto and a juicy mouth. Paige's tit-fucking and BJ techniques should be used in a training film, in our opinion. We need to weigh and measure those unbelievable tits accurately in the future.

Paige was second runner-up in the Newcomer of the Year contest, behind Rachel Raxxx and Tiggle Bitties. In the May 2017 awards edition of Voluptuous, editor Dave wrote, "Paige debuted in the final issue of 2016, and although she had her first XXX pictorial in the same issue in which the awards finalists were announced, we have to wonder whether this California girl would've finished even higher if we'd had more time to know her. She used to work at Subway. Now she's working magic with a different kind of foot-long."

The Big, Hot Tits of Paige Turner

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Brits With Big Tits & Wet Slits

Some of the key moments in Tia Clegg's shower scene:

Tia parading in her orange two-piece under a body stocking.
Tia squishing her big tits against the glass shower door.
Tia pulling up her bottoms between her pussy lips.

Tia started her modeling career by entering beauty contests and doing swimsuit and lingerie shoots. Then she made the decision to get into nude modeling. Pussy spreading was next. Then fucking herself with thick toys or fingers. It was a progression.

One never knows how far a girl will push the boundaries in her modeling career. We know agents and model recruiters who say a girl won't do this or do that. Sometimes they're right and sometimes they find out they were too firm in their predictions.

So maybe Tia will try fucking on-camera one day. You never know how far they will go.

Brits With Big Tits & Wet Slits

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Brits With Big Tits & Wet Slits

Lovely Tia Clegg has this habit of showering in a body stocking and underwear. Actually, the photographer asked her to do that for a few minutes. Then she strips off, soaps up, presses her big tits against the glass shower door, gives herself a pussy wedgie, uses the handheld shower to spray between her legs and sits on the shower floor for a finger-banging.

Does your girlfriend do that? If she does, you're a fortunate man.

The only thing Tia is missing is a cell phone to talk dirty into. That's what the tall (5'8") Brit blonde bombshell and her friends do on BabeStation in Great Britain. It's a call-in TV and web show that lets viewers phone a girl while she does everything from playing with her boobs to donging herself live on the show.

Tia changes her hair color often so we can't say what color her locks will be in the future at SCORELAND. You've got to love a girl who keeps guys guessing.

"I like English girls, they are so proper even when they are dirty," Pauly commented.

Brits With Big Tits & Wet Slits

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